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Brett Burlison Riverside

Dear Reader,
In the early 1990s Austin, Texas two young lovers move in together and open a cafe and chase the American dream, only to be besieged by their own pasts, drugs, and New Orleans mobsters. As the plot unfolds the story becomes increasingly sinister. Over the course of little more than a week the couple must find a way to protect each other and all they are struggling for or lose everything.
Kirkus Review called Riverside “A steamy tale and beguiling thriller, with plenty of local color and some provocative twists.”

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Brett Burlison




Katy Evens Mr PresidentDear Reader,
I’m giving away 5 paperbacks of MR. PRESIDENT. I was inspired by the super sexy JFK Jr. and wrote a steamy romance that took my breath away! Write to me – – for a chance to win.

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Katy Evans

Katy Evans








RC Stephens Halo AmazonDear Reader,
Do you have a soft spot for a hot wounded soldier with a difficult past?

I’m so excited to bring you HALO. A story that will make you believe that second chances do exist!
In HALO, I wrote about the journey of a broken young man who joins the Navy SEALS. Thomas Wells meets Halo at sixteen and their young love turns into the kind of love that lasts forever. Only Thomas is broken. After years of marriage he walks away from Halo leaving her broken and pregnant. He doesn’t turn back. Halo is lost, until a chance encounter with wounded soldier Ryder St. John makes her believe that she can love again…

Too bad Ryder holds a secret that can shatter both their worlds.

Halo is a story of heartbreak, forgiveness and finding your path even when that path seems beaten down and broken. It’s a story about second chances and being brave enough to give your heart to the one you love.

RCStephensReview- I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book! With so many “cookie cutter” books being published today, it was so enjoyable to read a story that is truly in a league of it’s own! The story line is fluid, and the characters are extremely well developed. If you are looking for a love story like no other you’ve read before, this is definitely the book for you! – Carla, Stephanie’s Book Reports

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R.C. Stephens


Alexander Boldizar The UglyDear Reader,
A Siberian mountain man must travel to Harvard to win back his homeland, and Africa to win back his heart. A wild, existential, comedic romp in the traditions of Kafka and Heller, The Ugly is one of the strangest, quirkiest books you’ll read this year.

Pulitzer finalist Laila Lalami wrote, “The Ugly brims with intelligence and humor,” Largehearted Boy Book Notes called it “a bold and hilarious satire,” and author Pete Duval said, “The Ugly is the funniest, smartest novel I’ve read in a long, long time.”
Alexander Boldizar

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Alexander Boldizar