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Swash_ornamentParisiennesDear Reader,

With so many wonderful books published every week, how on earth do you choose a book that you know beforehand will be a sure fire good read, something you’ll enjoy and feel was time well spent? As an avid reader myself, I know the problem only too well so I’d like to tell you why I want to recommend Les Parisiennes, a book that tells true stories about ordinary women facing extreme life and death circumstances in Nazi-occupied Paris during WWII, a book that will challenge you to think: what would I have done? A book for which you won’t need any prior historical knowledge to enjoy and yet will emerge from wiser.

Anne Sebba author photo_credit John StoddartHow do I know this? I had a letter from a bookseller this week telling me: “More than any other book released this year, yours has provoked conversation and debate on our shop floor.”

I really hope you’ll let me know what you think of some of the more outrageous or sympathetic characters.  I love hearing the reactions of my readers. Thank you for your support of my books.


Anne Sebba

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Swash_ornamentMoreTalesfromSuburbia-Cover-01Dear Reader,

Brandi Haas knows that motherhood is the hardest gig in the universe. The pay is horrible, the BrandiHaaswardrobe is pathetic, and your boss (although utterly adorable) is usually a tyrant. More Tales from Suburbia: Yes It Gets Even Crazier will make you laugh, warm your heart, and let you know you’re not alone on this crazy journey called parenthood. I’m giving away five books. Write to me——to win!

Swash_ornamenthello-my-love-ebookDear Reader,

We deal daily with depressing stories, of which I saw too many while working in mental health programs. So, when I spout words of fiction, they dance around a love story and pay homage to Jane Evy_2Austen’s approach to women’s fiction. But I can’t help being me: My characters suffer internal conflicts and emotional angst.

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