The past few weeks have been pretty exciting in the world of books, filled with shock, awe and secret identities. Here are those stories and more in this week’s book news roundup:

Bob Dylan Wins the Nobel Prize in Literature

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright, indeed. Much to everyone’s surprise, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday, October 13. The choice has sparked a hot debate among literary circles. After all, Dylan is a songwriter, and many don’t believe that lyrics should count as poetry. Others are throwing their support behind Dylan, pointing out that his lyrics are poetry, and that he more than deserves the award. Dylan also beat out hopefuls and literary giants Don DeLillo and Philip Roth, proving once again that 2016 is the weirdest year in recorded history. A book of Dylan’s song lyrics from 1961-2012 will be published by Simon & Schuster on November 8.

Elena Ferrante’s Secret Identity Possibly Revealed


Fans of Elena Ferrante have been speculating about the bestselling author’s secret identity for years. But two weeks ago, The New York Review of Books published an investigative article that seemed to finally give the illusive author an identity: Italian translator Anita Raja. Some fans were grateful to discover the real person behind their favorite author, while others were put off by the invasive investigation — particularly as the author (Claudio Gatti) dove into Raja’s financial records in order to make his claim. Regardless, Ferrante has two books coming out this month that fans are sure to flock to: a writer’s guide that highlights Ferrante’s passion for writing, and a children’s fable that showcases the richness of her storytelling.


Reese Witherspoon to Offer Lifestyle Advice

Witherspoon is joining the ranks of other published celebrities with a lifestyle guide that’s set to come out in 2018. The popular actress plans to tap into her Southern roots, sharing stories about her family and life growing up in the South, as well as offering advice about how to embody “The American South’s signature style, grace and charm.” We can’t wait to get our hands on this fun and sophisticated sounding guide.

Expect to See Some Familiar Faces in Fantastic Beasts

For fans who just can’t get enough of Harry Potter (basically, all of us!), rest assured that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  won’t neglect our favorite series. Rowling is hinting that Dumbledore may make an appearance in the film, which premieres November 18. This is also following the news that they’re planning on making four more Fantastic Beast movies in the future. Yay! Butterbeers all around.