Touchdown! A Guide Tackling the Ins and Outs of College Football

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Fall is officially here and with that means hot chocolate, sweaters and football. There’s no better feeling really than sitting down with some friends on a Saturday afternoon eating some delicious treats and watching your college team win (and sometimes lose!). Let’s be honest, part of the fun while watching the game is shouting at the TV, because we all obviously know better than the referees that the call on the play was wrong. Embarrassment sets in when you think you know exactly what’s going on and then your best friend announces to the room that what you’re saying is actually incorrect and tells you to read up on those football rules. Oops!

51Qd6bEO4QL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Here’s the thing ladies, you can skip the embarrassment next time and be completely confident in your football regulation knowledge because Tackling Football: A Woman’s Guide To Understanding The College Game by Sandra L. Caron and J. Michael Hodgson is here to help answer all of your questions and correct any confusion. Laid out in sections I-VI, Tackling Football is the perfect pocket guide covering all things college football. From the NCAA rules to what exactly every white line on the field actually means to the coaching staff and so, SO much more, this spiral-bound treasure is perfect for literally any age.

GuideDon’t let the pink throw you off, though! Caron and Hodgson know that the information they are bringing you is for everyone, not just the female viewer. Have a young son who dreams to one day be the quarterback of his college team? He may just be learning the ins and outs of football and there’s a similar guide just for him: Tackling Football: Everyone’s Guide to Understanding the College Game is also now available. There’s a glossary for both the offense and the defense, so you and your son or daughter can understand every position and term on and off the field. There’s even a glossary of terms that the TV and radio announcers use regularly, so you’re familiar with all of the lingo.

These guides are the perfect way to impress your friends, whether you’re sitting at the bar shouting at the TV or watching your child play little league from the sidelines. Touchdown!

Want to know more? Watch our author interview with Cohen and Hodgson below — they’re answering all of our questions!

About the Authors

Sandra L. Caron is a Professor of Family Relations and Human Sexuality at the University of Maine.  She has been both professionally and personally involved in college athletics.  She is a graduate of the University of Maine and Syracuse University. She has served as a member of the University of Maine Athletic Advisory Board for more than a decade, coordinator of the Faculty Liaison Program for the Athletic Department, and director of Athletes for Sexual Responsibility, a nationally recognized peer education program that trains student-athletes to educate others on sexuality issues.  Personally, she has been an avid, but average, college football fan for more than three decades.

J. Michael Hodgson has more than 30 years of experience with college football, including his role as a player and a football coach for several colleges. He played football for the University of Maine where he was a three-year starter at tight end and also handled place kicking duties. He began his coaching career there, working with tight ends, the offensive line, and running backs before moving to Princeton University as wide receivers coach and the passing game coordinator.  He went on to become head coach for Maine Maritime Academy.  He was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks/wide receivers coach at Central Connecticut State University, and then served as quarterbacks and receivers coach at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Most recently, he was offensive coordinator and running backs/tight ends coach for Dartmouth College.

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