Masters of Sex returns September 11, 2016 on Showtime and the premiere can’t come soon enough. It’s been what feels like an eternity since we last saw Virginia Johnson and Dr. Williams Masters pushing the boundaries of societal norms with their pioneering research in science and human sexuality. The show, which is loosely based on the biography by Thomas Maier of the same name stars Lizzy Caplan (yes, Janis from Mean Girls) and Michael Sheen, follows an intriguing story set in the 1950s and 1960s centered around relationships, sex and paving the way for sexual beings of today. Way ahead of their time, Masters and Johnson use patients, call girls, friends and each other (I ‘ship it!) to navigate and push the boundaries of social norms. To say it’s provocative, exciting, and downright addictive would be an understatement for a show of such critical acclaim.

Since I’m super excited for this alluring and arousing series to return to my lackluster TV programming schedule next week, it’s time to get real. We’re all friends here, right? Relationships are hard. There, I said it. Sometimes you have an emotional connection, but the sexual connection falls flat. Other times you have a sexual connection but the emotional element is nonexistent. In a world obsessed with speed, and thriving off of technology with that “hook-up” mentality, it’s no wonder people can’t even carry a conversation in real life let alone find their soulmate. I mean, really, how does one even cultivate a happy and successful relationship? Probably not entirely from watching Masters of Sex (too much dysfunction!), but you sure can learn what to do in the bedroom, and what not to do in a relationship.

Here are three books to help spice up, or help solidify your love life while you wait for the doctors to see you on September 11:

Sexting Tips for Women: 100 tips to turn your man on! Stefan Ziglar (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016)

41X7NJTHyvLWhy not use the changing times to your advantage and kick things into high gear in your relationship with a little bit of sexting and dirty talk? Sure, it might not be for everyone, but this book is perfect for those who might think there’s a downside when it comes to talking dirty or the act of sexting between couples. It’s not just for the fun and flirty pair anymore, it can help keep your sexual fantasies out in the open with your loved one and give you some strategies to be a confident partner while trying to please one another. Couldn’t hurt right? Maybe Masters and Johnson could learn a thing or two about keeping things fresh if they had cell phones in the ’50s.

What’s Behind Your Relationship Problems & Relationship Issues? Here Are The Answers: Actionable Relationship Advice For Couples With Relationship Issues … Bikini Relationship Rescue Series Book 1Peta Jane Kayes (Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2014)

51ubYzFwzxLSince I’m a firm believer in bingewatching, why not bingeread? The first in a book series, this author identifies 5 beliefs that cause relationship issues. Whether it’s arguing, insecurities or simply your ego getting in the way, these are things that can harm you, your partner and the longevity of your relationship. Why not identify the issues and rectify the situation? This book will help rid you of your relationship issues (woohoo!) and help get you onto the right path!

Keeping It Hot In The Bedroom: The Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Relationship And Keep Him Hooked! , Scarlett Long (Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2015)

51n30Pi-RJLWant to experience sex like you never have before? Who knew sexual contact was a great way to keep the bond between you and your partner going… oh wait, I did! This book will highlight the many health benefits for you personally as you attempt to spice up your life with new experiences. Whether you’re newly dating or have been married for years, you never have to be stale in the bedroom with this handy guide of the best sex positions! I don’t know about you, but who wouldn’t want a book that keeps you and your partner in mind, plus wants to get that libido going? Sign me up!