Yesterday was National Comic Book Day, and although we’re fashionably late to the party (sorry, we got distracted by Fear the Walking Dead and the return of Once Upon A Time last night) there are some awesome things happening in the comic and book world and we just can’t help but talk about them today. Here’s a round-up of just a few of our favorites:

World War Z Author takes on Minecraft!


Yep, you heard it correctly—the Max Brooks, author of World War Z is going to be writing a whole series of Minecraft novels. Seem like a weird pair? Nah! I have faith in the bestselling author who gave us such gems as The Zombie Survival Guide (it’ll come in handy during the impending apocalypse *wink wink*), and of course World War Z. Will Max Brooks be able to overcome the challenge of executing a rather pixelated or “cuboid” element via text? I do not know. Fans of Minecraft, the game that is, have come to know this choppy, yet functional world as just that—and maybe, just maybe Brooks is the guy to make it all come alive on paper.


Image via Warner Bros.

Image via Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck has done some questionable things throughout his career, like starring in Gigli for starters, but this one is something this comic book nerd may not be able to forget! According to an article posted by Cosmic Book News, Ben Affleck is co-writing the Batman script with Geoff Johns, but says that they aren’t in a rush to make the movie. Affleck, say whatttt? Are they aware there is a rabid fan base waiting for the stories they’ve been reading to unfold? Apparently not. Or they simply just don’t care. The widely popular actor, who is going to direct, write and star in the movie has boldly stated that it might be another year and a half for the movie to come out. In other words, six Marvel movies will have come out by then, so way to go DC. Waiting for this could potentially be terrible news for all the Batman fans. I guess snuggling up to your favorite Batman issue will have to do for now.


(Image by

Image by

Time recently released an article complete with a list of the most banned books in 2001, and a list from 2015 and the results might shock you. What has 15 years done for society as a whole and the way we think about content and what needs to be exiled? well, what’s being censored then vs. now is pretty alarming. On the list of books banned in 2001, includes Harry Potter, yes, the Harry Potter, Of Mice and Men and The Catcher in the Rye. All for reasons of offensive language, violence, occult/Satanism and more. Now, fast forward to 2015, where the list includes I Am Jazz, Beyond Magenta, and Two Boys Kissing, for reasons of homosexuality, sex education, religious viewpoint and anti-family. Hmmm… I find it interesting that the most offensive things on our most recent list are those of biographical or fact-based situations revolving around the transgendered community and those of the LGBTQ community vs. fictitious characters warding off evil with spells and potions. Is there an uprising of a completely new and intolerant generation? Holy hell, I hope not. But it doesn’t look good.

To see the full lists of Most Challenged books of 2001 and 2015, click here.

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