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For most of us ladies, getting up and going to work every morning is a way of life. Whether that means you’re single and working overtime to pay your rent or mortgage, or you’re married sharing half of the bills with your significant other, or you’re the one in the household bringing in the bulk of the income supporting you, your spouse and your kid(s). And let’s be honest, once you add children into the mix, the stress levels skyrocket. So how do you balance work life with a hectic home life and ensure success and satisfaction for you and your family?

Samantha Ettus is here to help. Her latest book, The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe For Success and Satisfaction (Ghost Mountain Books, September 27, 2016) takes a look at the complexities of juggling work and life and finding a way to let go of that nagging guilt. So how do you thrive in 2016 as a working woman and a parent? Ettus is taking the 1950s pie approach — but just not in the way that you might be thinking!


She’s taking you out of the kitchen (for the moment!) and placing you in real life situations, where the pie symbol will actually help you understand and achieve the balance you’re craving (See what I did there?!). Divided into six or seven slices that comprise the contemporary woman’s life today, Ettus is tackling career, children, health, relationship, community, friends and hobbies. Essentially, everything you need to be happy and healthy in life.

Broken up into three sections — the third being your slices — this complete guide also covers the prep work to achieve your happiness: envisioning your dreams and creating that “pie in the sky.” As well as the tools you’ll need to help with finding Mr. Right and identifying where work life ends and home life begins. These can be some difficult areas to conquer, but luckily Ettus brings along some help from TV queen Shonda Rhimes. But she’s not the only powerhouse female sharing personal stories. Throughout the book you’ll find words of wisdom and encouragement from hundreds of women including Gayle King, Anne Fulenwider and Liz Lange.

The Pie Life is the perfect book to reinvigorate your life and really give you the guidance you need to take control of your happiness. Ettus brilliantly details the current struggles working women face both in career and in life, and offers the necessary steps to cruise straight through the stress. Look no further, you’ve got questions and rest assured, Ettus has the answers.

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