Even though it’s still sunny out, tree leaves are still green and the beaches are still open, autumn is clearly rearing its head. It’s just a little bit cooler in early mornings and kids have gone back to school — but never fear! Instead of lamenting summer’s death throes, do what people have always done since the dawn of time: completely deny something is happening until it’s here! We intend to keep reading beachy, summery reads until most of the leaves are off the trees, anyway. So, in honor of endless summers, here’s a book list to help you keep the feeling of these long, warm days!


Love Her Madly: A Novel, M. Elizabeth Lee (Atria Books, August 16, 2016)


Set in Florida and New York, this debut novel follows the unlikely friendship between two college girls that is completely shattered over a boy — just before one of them goes missing in the jungles of Costa Rica. The mystery unravels as the remaining woman sees her disappeared bestie on the streets of NYC years later. Is she a ghost? Is it really her? These questions, and others, will captivate you until the very end.





Amour Provence: A Novel, Constance Leisure (Simon & Schuster, July 5, 2016)


Ever dream of taking a vacation to The South of France? Well, you’re in luck. Amour Provence follows the small-town lives of two French villages, from the WWII period to present day. The intertwining heartbreak, loves and experiences of the rotating cast of characters are beautifully written, all set behind the backdrop of a lush, sunny landscape.






Peregrine Island, Diane B. Saxton (She Writes Press, August 2, 2016)


This beachy novel, which we’ve already gushed about, takes place on an isolated, private island on Long Island Sound. When a family of three women discovers that their heirloom painting is actually a priceless work of art, the questions compound to weave a story that challenges the identities of everyone involved. Take in the beautiful descriptions of idyllic beach scenery while delving into a truly complex family mystery.





The Long, Hot Summer, Kathleen MacMahon (Grand Central Publishing, July 5, 2016)


Have you ever experienced a summer that changed your life completely? How about a summer that changed your life, and the lives of eight of your extended family members? Enter The Long, Hot Summer, set in Ireland, which follows a truly unconventional series of events through the eyes of nine distinct characters dealing with their own unique challenges. It’s a well-written family drama that is ultimately uplifting.







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