Whether you’re a reader or a writer, a teacher or a student, a librarian or a publisher, DIY MFA is the perfect outlet to improve both your reading and writing techniques. Broken down into one simple formula, DIY MFA believes: “Writing + Reading + Community = MFA (Master of Fine Arts).”
MJ ROSEThis do-it-yourself community provides tools, tips and insight into the world of writing, because as we all know, there is always room for improvement. This insanely helpful and well done podcast covers a range of topics from “Developing themes” to “What happens if your book doesn’t sell” to “Lessons from bestsellers” and even simply “Finding time to read.” When you feel like you’ve hit a lull in your writing career or you don’t know how to get around that frustrating writer’s block, check out DIY MFA for a bit of inspiration and guidance!

Be sure to check out our podcast page every Friday for the next podcast interview with many talented authors. For now, enjoy our first episode in collaboration with DIY MFA below!

Description: This episode begins our collaboration with DIY MFA Radio, a podcast for readers and writers. In this episode, Gabriela Pereira talks with bestselling author M.J. Rose about how to build buzz around your book. Rose shares her insights about book promotion and the best time to bring in an expert to market your book. She also speaks to the etiquette involved with approaching other authors on social media, and reveals the best thing writers can do to market their own books. For more detailed show notes, visit DIYMFA.com/109.