As a human who has been owned by cats throughout my life (see what I did there?), I was totally enchanted when a friend sent me a link to BuzzFeed’s article on The World’s Greatest Cat Fort. I’ve long been tempted to create a cat habitat in my home, but I’m not blessed with the square footage of the young BuzzFeed staffers who made a castle worthy of Jenkins the cat. However, I love how creative and easy this DIY project looks and can see how a smaller fortress might come together with some PVC pipe, duct tape and a couple of boxes.

credit: Buzzfeed

credit: Buzzfeed

Clearly I’m not alone in wanting a cat-friendly environment especially today, on International Cat Day. This video about the man who made his house a playground for his cats has gotten almost nine million views on YouTube. The cat modifications in this lovely home are more professional, and let’s be honest, more attractive, than Jenkins’ cardboard palace, but you can’t beat the castle for sheer creativity that is totally DIY.

Have you made any special modifications to your home for your feline friends? Let us know in the comments!

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