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Swash_ornamentTheReadersofBrokenWheelDear Reader,

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is about an unlikely long-distance friendship between two women whose plan to meet in person after months of writing letters goes terribly awry, leaving one of them marooned in a small Iowa farm town so broken it’s almost beyond repair.

katarinaBivaldIt’s a heartwarming reminder of how books find us, change us, and connect us.

A New York Times bestseller!

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Katarina Bivald

Swash_ornamentwhendarknesscomesDear Reader,

Paris: 1942:

Three lives intertwined in Nazi-occupied Paris: Paul, a brooding banker, Rachel, a teenage Jew, Claire, a bookstore owner – all confronted by an infamous Nazi collaborator. They hide thousands of Jewish refugees, leading them to safety – until an innocent bystander notices something amiss and John-Anthony-Millertheir entire world collapses around them.

“The author is able to quickly create a suspenseful scene & place you in the center of it ….” Amazon

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John Anthony Miller