81Odi3GYgQLHappy Hump Day, book lovers! Since it’s mid-week, and we’re all most likely looking for a pick me up, I thought it would be fun to chat about one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry… no, not Lin-Manuel Miranda, although, you can catch me singing Hamilton the Musical probably any and every day of the week—no, we’re here to chat about actress and comedian Amy Schumer (aka my favorite human being on the planet). She launched the book tour for her collection of personal essays yesterday and let’s just say she’s definitely got me booked—I mean, hooked.

In the book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo (Gallery Books, August 16, 2016), she delves into some very personal stories—and boy, I can’t wait to read them! Her latest brainchild, which is already a No. 1 bestseller in Humorous American Literature, even has endorsements from stars like Tilda Swinton. Swinton co-starred in Trainwreck with Schumer and according to the book’s Amazon page Swinton says, “Amy’s got your back. She’s in your corner. She’s an honesty bomb. And she’s coming for you.”

Schumer has a powerful feminist voice, and after the success of her hit television series, Inside Amy Schumer, writing and starring in her first feature-length film, Trainwreck, plus her work as a stand-up comedian, I have no doubt in my mind that Schumer’s new venture (in book form) will most likely not skimp on the sex stuff — I mean, she is Amy Schumer after all. In fact, she’s basically taking over the world, so everyone should just get on board now. I anticipate a myriad of hilarious, intimate and intriguing new details to surface within this book. All I know, is that it’s on its way to me as I type and like so many others, I’m ready to delve into the whacky and wonderful world of Amy Schumer.

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Kicking things off at the Barnes & Noble in Manhattan’s Union Square, Schumer spoke to roughly 200 people (seems like small peanuts to a rock star like Schumer) about a number of other things besides her new title, like the couples on The Bachelor and the pool of funny people in Long Island (Schumer’s hometown). I’d like to think she mentioned seeing John Cena’s bare bum in person on the set of Trainwreck—but maybe, that’s just one of those weird things I’m the only one hoping for.

Will you be reading her new book this summer? Let us know in the comment section below!