One thing we learned from our “Perfect Book Boyfriends We Wish Existed in Real Life” article is that you’re all just as obsessed with Sylvia Day as we are. And who can blame us? Day’s writing sucks you into her worlds, making you fall hard for both her stories and the sexy men at the heart of them. We could read Day, well, all day, any day.

Since our Day love is most definitely mutual, we’ve decided to put together a top 10 round up of our favorite Sylvia Day novels. From erotica to paranormal to historical romance, this author clearly knows her stuff. Here’s our top 10 – let us know yours in the comments!

  1. Bared to You: Book 1 in the Crossfire Series (Berkley Publishing, 2012)


We’re obviously obsessed with the entire Crossfire series; it’s even keeping us up at night! But book 1, Bared to You, will always hold the number one slot in our hearts. This is where we first meet Eva and Gideon as they start their erotica dance toward a healthy, lasting relationship. It’s not always an easy read, but this is one novel (and series!) you will not be able to put down.

  1. Scandalous Liaisons (Kensington Books, 2013)


While we love reading Day’s longer series, there’s something deliciously fun about this collection of loosely connected erotica novellas. Set in the regency period, Scandalous Liaisons follows three notorious rakes as they each find love and satisfaction with three feisty ladies. These stories are short and sexy, with just enough plot and lots of bedroom fun.

  1. Heat of the Night: Book 2 in the Dream Guardians Series (Avon Red, 2008)


Book one in the Dream Guardian series (Aidan and Lyssa’s story) is definitely worth a read. But there’s something about Stacey and Connor’s tale that just pulls us in from the start. Day tackles paranormal this time, creating a world called the Twilight, where dreams and nightmares are real. Connor is a Guardian, tasked with protecting humans and fighting against the nightmares. When the Viking warrior steps into our mortal plane and instantly falls for single mom Stacey, he’ll do everything he can to protect her from the darkness.

  1. Afterburn & Aftershock (Harlequin, 2014)


It’s impossible to separate these two novellas, so we’re including them both on our list. In Afterburn, Gia is still struggling to get over Jax, despite her success in business. But when he suddenly shows up as her new rival, their past relationship just might be rekindled again. Which brings us to Aftershock, and Gia’s struggle to come to terms with her game-playing, high-rolling lover.

  1. Passion for the Game: Book 2 in the Georgian Series (Kensington Books, 2012)


One of Day’s biggest strengths is the push-pull she creates between two powerful and sexy characters. Maria and Christopher of Passion for the Game are two of our favorite sparring couples. Another regency-set romance, Day tells the story of pirate Christopher St. John and Maria, Lady Winter, the beauty who frees him from the hangman. But both have their own agenda, and they aren’t above using each other to get what they want. Quick, sharp and filled with chemistry, this is one ruthless tale of love and lust that you will not want to miss.

  1. On Fire: Book 4 in the Shadow Stalkers Series (InterMix, 2013)


Shadow Stalkers is a mini-series of contemporary novellas that focus on different Deputy U.S. Marshals. Our favorite is book four, On Fire, which tells the story of Jared and Darcy. Jared is investigating arson; Darcy is the local fire inspector. We’ll refrain from making a bunch of fire puns, but trust us when we say this novel is hot, hot, hot.

  1. Seven Years to Sin (Kensington Books, 2012)


Day brings us back to the regency era with this standalone novel. Jessica is a widow, unable to forget an erotica scene she witnessed seven years earlier. Alastair has always been fascinated by the beauty, and when she boards his ship, he realizes it’s his opportunity to have her. Though also romantic and loving, this historical novel is a crazy, sexy romp on the high seas.

  1. A Touch of Crimson: Book 1 in the Renegade Angels Series (Signet, 2011)


Day has already tackled pirates, Vikings, and hot businessmen, so why not throw in some angels as well? The first book in her paranormal trilogy, A Touch of Crimson introduces us to Adrian, a powerful Special Ops angel who hunts The Fallen. He fell in love with the daughter of their leader centuries ago and is now cursed to watch her die as a human over and over. But when her soul appears in Lindsey’s body, Adrian is determined to keep her by his side forever this time.

  1. Kiss of the Night: Book 2 in the Carnal Thirst Series (2005)


Vampires meet law enforcement in Day’s sexy sci-fi paranormal series. Alexei is a Special Task Force agent who also happens to be a vampire. Things get more complicated when he falls for the off-limits human, Briana, a representative of the Interstellar Council. The two are literally star-crossed as they give into their lust, all the while knowing that a true relationship is virtually impossible.

  1. Eve of Darkness: Book 1 in the Marked Series (Tor, 2009)


Originally published under Day’s pseudonym, S.J. Day, Marked is a paranormal series about demons and angels and fighting against your destiny. After a steamy one-night stand, Eve gets branded with the Mark of Cain, turning her into a demon bounty hunter. Now she’s torn between two powerful brothers –- Alec Cain, her former lover, and Reed Abel, her new boss. Which brother will win her heart? Pick up this sexy series to find out.