Everyone loves summer, right? From thigh sweat to sand in your shorts, it’s everyone’s favorite season. Ice cream making your hands sticky? No problem. Loud kids everywhere because they’re out from school? Bring it on! Mosquito bites galore after a late-night barbecue? Who cares….?

If summer is weighing on you a bit, fear not – there are some fantastic vacation destinations that will bring you sweet wintry relief. We’ve got the low-down on the chilliest out-of-the-way vacation spots for your inner Yeti and the travel guides you’ll need along the way! You don’t need to melt to catch some sweet summer fun!


Patagonia-National-Geographic Image Courtesy National Geographic



If you’re looking to visit the one place on Earth that’s closest to being legitimately magical, you have no choice but to put Patagonia on your bucket list. It’s the glacier-laden southernmost tip of South America, and it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Recommended Travel Guide: Patagonia Handbook, Ben Box (Footprint Handbooks, April 2015)






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Another totally cool place you can visit is the great state of Alaska! Home to majestic whales, aurora borealis, hot springs and a museum totally dedicated to ice, you can’t really go wrong (just avoid the bears).

Recommended Travel Guide: Lonely Planet Alaska, Brendan Sainsbury, Greg Benchwick and Catherine Brody (Lonely Planet, May 2015)





Iceland-Skaftafell-Photo-by-Einar-Runar-Sigurdsson-740x488 Photo by Einar Rungar Sigurdsson


Looking for the perfect mix of funky city and breathtaking nature exploration? Check out Iceland, where you can find extraordinary ice caves, geothermal lagoons and volcanic geysers, in addition to the capital, Reykjavik, which could be an entire vacation on its own!

Recommended Travel Guide: Moon Iceland, Jenna Gottlieb (Avalon Travel Publishing, March 2016)





antarctica-national-geographic Image Courtesy National Geographic


If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting an alien planet, visiting Antarctica is the next best thing. It’s not as hard to get to as you’d think, and right now is probably the best time to go, considering the rate at which it’s melting. So go and break the ice with some penguins!

Recommended Travel Guide: Antarctica Cruising Guide, Peter Carey and Craig Franklin (Awa Press, July 2015)