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Dear Reader,

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Swash_ornamentkillerlookDear Reader,

Coop is back! You know that prosecutor Alex Cooper had a terrifying experience in her last outing, but she is back with Detective Mike Chapman – now her lover – still recovering from her ordeal but forced to deal with a murder case involving the father of an old friend. KILLER LOOK takes the players into the high-

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 26, 2014: Portrait in the home of Linda Fairstein who is a former NYC D.A. and worked in the sex crimes unit. She has since become a best-selling crime novelist. Photographed for Real Estate. CREDIT: Katherine Marks for The New York Times.      
CREDIT: Katherine Marks for The New York Times.

stakes world of the fashion industry….glamorous on the runway but lethal business when one of the world’s most iconic designers, Wolf Savage, is killed at the top of his game. I hope you’ll join me for some giveaways!

Swash_ornamentPunishments Cvr1Dear Reader,

Enormous shifts threaten our way of life – artificial intelligence, robotics, surveillance, human relations, terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, and the rise of American religious extremism.

The Punishments is about the heart-pounding struggle of one family after voters unwittingly elect a demagogue President and a fundamentalist Congress.

john-Winsor-picThe novel’s characters battle to hold on to friendship, love, and faith as they are thrust into the center of the largely unreported debate raging beneath the surface of Christianity and identity politics.

Welcome to tomorrow.

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Punishments Giveaway” to win one of five signed books being given away.

Swash_ornamentHeating-Up-FinalDear Reader,

The picturesque town of Nugget, California has a lot to offer—beautiful views, weather, and small-Stacy-Finz-Photo-credit-Laura-Finztown life. For Dana Calloway and Aiden McBride, this town is the most unlikely place to fall in love that they could have expected. When an accidental arsonist and an arson investigator cross paths, finding themselves living side-by-side, it doesn’t take long for things to heat up. Email Lyrical Press at [email protected] to win one of five copies, and please list the name of the book in the subject!

Swash_ornamentSwept-Away-2Dear Reader,

Carson and Cody Swift are twin brothers who could not be more different. Carson is desperate to break free of his brother’s shadow, and a mysterious woman the two save from Hidden Creek, may KristinaMathewsPhotojust be his shot at doing so. While Carson helps Lily overcome her fear of the river, she helps him revitalize his failing rafting business, and keeping him focused on his true goals. As the two fall in love, they begin to find themselves.

Email Lyrical Press at [email protected] to win one of five copies, and please list the name of the book in the subject!

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