the-trap-coverI’m not the first and I won’t be the last to say this: The Trap by debut thriller author, Melanie Raabe, is the next book to follow the likes of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and Paula Hawkins’ Girl on the Train. This anxious novel brings you into the dark world of Linda Conrads, a bestselling author who has locked herself inside her house (and mind) for the past 11 years. Accident or fate, Conrads catches a glimpse of the grey eyes of the man, who has both killed her sister and left her riddled with anxiety, while watching TV. This sets her down a path leading to a whirlwind of detective work, all while writing her next novel, not a romance this time but a thriller, setting her own trap for the killer.

Melanie Raabe has created the ideal psychological thriller with a rapid fire of words that fill the page and will raise your anxiety. Don’t worry though, just when you think you’ve reached the final turn, that last piece of the puzzle, you will find your own self trapped in the minutest of details. And trust me when I say, Chapter 32 makes it all worth the up and down emotions.

If you’re looking for a suspense novel with more twists and turns than a roller coaster, this will satisfy your craving. And, speaking of craving, here are my book cravings after finishing reading The Trap:


A trip to Munich



Shaggy pup named Bukowski



The Beatles “All You Need is Love”



Conservatory filled with Orchids



Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder


Collection of Walt Whitman’s Poetry



Want to know what each of these items has to do with The Trap?! Grab a copy today and dive in!


Main author image credit: Privat