Once summer rolls around all I daydream about is strolling down the bustling Manhattan streets in my favorite summer dress, with the perfect pair of wedges and a bright clutch to finish off the perfect ensemble. Once I have the look, then I obviously need somewhere to show it off! In my daydream I’m making stops at trendy rooftop bars, picking between the tropical 230 Fifth next to the Empire State Building or Hotel Chantelle down on the Lower East Side. Hey, I may have read too many Gossip Girl books in my life, but a girl can dream!

Truthfully though, the array of rooftop bars is unlimited in the Big Apple and trying to find the time to hit them all can be a bit overwhelming. So for every daydreamer out there currently sitting in an office cubicle, here are four socialite-themed books to get you feeling like you are Blair Waldorf, enjoying the rays of sunshine while sipping on a refreshing Mojito.

The One That Got Away by Leigh Himes (Hachette Books, May 2016)

the-one-that-got-away-coverLeigh Himes’ debut novel will have you fantasizing about penthouses, parties and caviar. When a freak accident causes Abbey to experience a polished life outside of her daily route of wife and mommy duty during a last whim purchase of a designer handbag she begins to see the greener side of life, and I’m talking about dollars, not grass. We have all dreamt of having one of those Freaky Friday moments where you get to live a day in someone else’s shoes, but when you lose everything you have for what you thought you always wanted, can you ever find your way back?




Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam (Ecco, June 7th 2016)

rich-and-pretty-coverSet in modern New York, two best friends discover the trials and tribulations of keeping a friendship together as they fall into growing old. Sarah is the socialite while Lauren is the hard-working publicist. Each envious of each other’s life, can these two women rekindle what was once an inseparable friendship? Where growing up and growing apart is something all too familiar. A perfect book for any beach bag this summer or to inspire you to pick up the phone and call your college bff!




The After Party by Anton DiSclafani (Riverhead Books, May 2016)

the-after-party-coverEverything is bigger in Texas they say; even the diamonds, according to bestselling author Anton DiSclafani. The tall, blonde beauty (and I’m not talking about Serena van der Woodsen) is a different socialite from an entirely different city, Dallas. Joan Fortier is the center of the 1950s Houston social scene. This gripping and glamorous thriller is perfect for any Real Housewives of Dallas fan or someone looking for the next dazzling Gatsby party. Anton DiSclafani’s well-written novel about friendship during the 1950 oil-rich socialite scene is one to add to your reading list.




Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler (Knopf, May 2016)

sweetbitterThis is one we love, because we also included this title in the most recent Heat Index! Jumping back to 2006 in New York City we meet Tess, a 22-year-old with a new job at the talk-of-the-town restaurant where she learns more than just being a sommelier in the New York City food scene. Tess is shown the importance of oysters, truffles, lust, friendship, drugs, and champagne to survive this heavy lifestyle. And she may be new to the town but her hunger to be the center of this fast-paced city is growing. Sweetbitter is a sexy, sassy novel that anyone who’s worked in the restaurant business can appreciate, and for those who haven’t, well let’s just say you’ll be starving when you’re done consuming Danler’s flavorful words.