What do you get when you pair mud pits, barbed wire crawls, intense rope courses, leaping over fire and a treacherous scaling wall? From the producers of American Ninja Warrior comes Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.



On Monday, June 13, at 10 PM EST, NBC premieres the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. Inspired by the Spartan Race, the creators of the world’s most demanding obstacle races, this seven episode series features six teams of five competing in a uber-challenging obstacle course race to win $250,000. The teams consist of two men, two women and a Spartan elite team captain who also happens to be a member of the Spartan Pro Team.


Spartan Pro Team racers Robert Killian, Matt Novakovich, Brakken Kraker, Cassidy Watton, Ian Deyerle, Orla Walsh, Ryan Kent and Isaiah Vidal will all appear on the show.

Notable hosts include former linebacker Dhani Jones, and LA Galaxy star Kyle Martino. NBC news anchor MJ Acosta and TV host and American Ninja Warrior contestant Evan Dollard will also be featured as course reporters.

You don’t want to miss out on this heart-stopping series as these teams battle it out to become the ultimate Spartan.

Images via NBC