Untapped Wellness and Wisdom Through the Stars — A Scorpio’s Perspective

Have you ever read a description of your astrology sign and you suddenly understand what you had actually known about yourself all along? For me I’ve found that, I need to die in order to be reborn — not in the literal sense –- but metaphorically speaking. Let me explain.

I often find that I’m an all or nothing person in life. I’m either in it for the long haul or I’m out. When I decide that I’m out, I’m really ready to take the plunge and I’ll risk losing a lot to start over again. In the never-before-seen guide Your Body and the Stars (Atria Books, May 10, 2016) by Stephanie Marango, MD RYT and astrologer Rebecca Gordon it is indeed Scorpio who needs eternal catharsis and regeneration. It is “a burning of skin that sheds layers of skin, time and time again.” I couldn’t agree more.

Although I skipped ahead to my own sun sign when I first opened this book, Your Body and the Stars is actually meant to be read across the signs because each sign manifests in us. Working through the 12 zodiac signs, each chapter covers the body region associated with that sign. So even though I might be a Scorpio sun sign connected to the sacrum (lower spine) I might also be experiencing neck pain during the month of April, ruled by Taurus. If you’re a watery Pisces, the body part associated with that sign is the feet, Capricorn is the knees, Aquarius is the ankles, and so on and so forth.

Depending on what sign is manifesting itself through you, there are specific exercises, meditations and cleansing rituals to target and strengthen those areas. Many of them are based in yoga, which is practiced by both of the authors. You don’t want to miss out on this unique and informative read that is sure to heal any ailments you may be experiencing, plus learn a little more about yourself in the process.

Want to know more? If you missed both Marango’s and Gordon’s live chat, you can watch them below!

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