Dear Reader,

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Swash_ornamentDear Reader,

searchingformineThis book is about change.

When I wrote my novel, Searching for Perfect, in the Searching for series, I created an older brother for my hero named Connor Dunkle. I had fun with Connor. For the first time, I didn’t worry about trying to give a secondary character upstanding heroic traits, and I let him mess up a lot, taking on a bit of comic humor. Being a strong female, I was surprised that I created a man who seemed to have very little respect for the female gender.

When Searching for Perfect released, I was barraged by reader email requesting Connor’s story. I was shocked. I had never imagined readers would even want a story for him. I told everyone politely, no, that wasn’t going to happen. I never intended to write a story for Connor. I never would.

Time passed. Readers still asked. And suddenly, Mr. Connor Dunkle was bugging me about giving him his own HEA. When the opportunity came to write a novella for 1001 Dark Nights, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

Give Connor his book.

Jennifer ProbstReaders inspired me. All of you believed in the ability to change, and that became the theme of the book.   I grew myself by writing this story. Searching for Mine became a much more emotional journey than I anticipated. I hope I did justice to Connor and you, dear readers.

Now, for everyone new, please be assured this is a complete standalone book. There is no prior reading requirement and you can jump right in with no fear, even if you’d never read a book in this series or by me!

If you do enjoy it, you may want to check out the others in the series.

I hope all of you receive everything you’ve been searching for, especially something you can call completely yours.

Or someone.


Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies.


Dear Reader,

Boden-BirthrightI’m excited to tell you about my new series, The Cimmaron Legacy! The prequel novella, the Boden Birthright sets the scene for the books coming out later this year. After his wife’s death, Chance Boden heads west to escape the grasp of his controlling in-laws. He plans to buy his own land but Connealy_Maryfirst finds work at a ranch to learn the ropes. He doesn’t want to work for anyone long-term—until the help he receives from his employer’s pretty daughter forces him to consider an entirely different plan. It’s my signature romantic comedy with cowboys, and I hope you love it!

Mary Connealy


Dear Readers,

Beijing RedAs a two-man writing team of Navy veterans, we give you an inside perspective on covert operations on an exhilarating race to save the world from bio-terrorism. Follow former Navy SEAL Nick Foley and the beautiful Chinese CDC microbiologist Dr. Dazhong Chen as they work to stop a mysterious disease ravaging China and save those they hold most dear.

Called “Outstanding” by NYT bestselling author John Gilstrap, we hope that Beijing Red knocks you off your feet.

Email [email protected] for a chance to win 1 of 5 hardcover copies.

Alex Ryan (aka Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson)