Rivers of Gold Reveals the Grit and Greed of a Futuristic New York City

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Rivers of Gold Excerpt

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Adam Dunn isn’t one to shy away from the hard hitting issues crippling our country. He made a bold move to walk away from a prolific career in journalism, and now writes intricately woven anecdotes of a dystopian world in a soon-to-be New York City. Rivers of Gold the first book in The More Series, Dunn’s critically acclaimed trilogy, follows charismatic and peculiar characters throughout the mucky streets of Manhattan with no shortage of devious deeds, corruption and filth, making for one helluva insidious brew.

Do exploits of sex, drugs, debauchery and chaos excite your senses? Well, these books deliver the downright dirty in all the right ways. Follow Renny, a high end photographer who moonlights as a drug dealer in the New York underground. From the moment we meet this dubious daredevil, he plunges us into a twisted and maniacal world, all while riding in the back of a taxi. I mean, don’t we all need a crash course in cab sex…

Oral is best on smooth straightaways of guaranteed duration, furtive gropings and dishabilles better at low speeds when flanked by other, higher vehicles or along narrow streets affording increased pedestrian views, full-groin revelation is out of the question in stop-and-go traffic.

Still not convinced this gritty series is for you? What a pity! If the crazy hot eroticism isn’t turned up (or on) enough for you, just you wait and see. Renny is wildly known for giving his lady friends some of the most jolting gifts, and we’re not just talking about ones that require batteries. But don’t you fret, this deep-rooted kink hasn’t been ripped from that one extremely detail oriented Tumblr post on exploring male fantasies, it comes from a place of experience, knowledge, and understanding. In a recent interview with Booktrib, when asked about the validity of these sexual encounters, Dunn says without even a smirk that these sex scenes are based on real life.

Salacious moments aren’t the only elements The More Series has to offer its readers, although it’s a pretty good start! Untamed carnal instincts and outlaws overthrowing New York are at the root of these stories. Meet Sixto Santiago, a detective working undercover as a taxi driver determined to expose a prominent drug network exploiting the NYC taxi service. You know, that same network our pal Renny helps keep afloat! To make matters worse, Sixto is saddled with a new partner, who might be hiding secrets of their own.

Secrets seem to be a common theme in The More Series, for example, Everett More, the brooding police officer with a classified past. Santiago suspects he’s being cloaked behind the law. Is he a crime lord? A sociopath? A government spy shacking up with the NYPD?Both sides of the law intersect when we meet the mastermind behind this web of corruption, The Slav. A man Dunn has based off a real person! He added that “he just exuded menace, his fingers were like shotgun shells, the guy had no neck, the air rearranged itself around him.”You might be thinking there’s absolutely no way the More Series could get any more primitive… well, you thought wrong. This is only the first book in the series, Rivers of Gold!

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