On Mother’s Day, Reward Yourself with a Box of Romance Books or a $50 Victoria Secret Gift Card!

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Mother’s Day is here and that means it’s all about YOU! For all of you moms, aunts, godmothers and grandmothers out there, this weekend is the time that we get to finally give back to you and you can’t say no! Whether you’re getting a little “me” time away from the kids, the house and the dog, a special candlelit dinner planned by your hunny, or simply taking the day off from doing the dishes, just remember: this is your weekend.

So why not reward yourself?! Go out for that massage, get a mani/pedi that any other day would break the bank or just find your happy place. And if that place happens to include some seriously romantic books that you’re about to dive into, don’t worry, this weekend, NO ONE can bother you. Enjoy it!

And in the event that you do SO much reading this Mother’s Day weekend that you start to get low on books, we’ve got you covered. We’re giving away a BOX full of romance books to one lucky winner and the second place winner will get the next best thing: a gift card to Victoria’s Secret! What are you waiting for? Jump on this giveaway while you can.


To enter to win either a box full of romance books (first place) OR a $50 Victoria Secret Gift Card (second place), click HERE!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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