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“Olicity” Watch: Nuclear Bombs and Family Dynamics

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

It’s a bad guy brigade on Arrow this week, with Darhk cleaning out Iron Heights for his own little brute squad. Our heroes face even more guilt (shocker), when they can’t entirely save the day for once. Unfortunately, there weren’t many sexy times to even out the breakneck pace. Fine, there were no sexy times as Team Arrow speeds steadily along toward the season finale.



Though it could have used a lot more kissing scenes/longing glances, here’s our “Olicity” Watch for 4×21, “Monument Point”:


Darhk’s plan to nuclear bomb the planet is a predictably scary one, and he’s amped it up this week. It was a fast episode, filled with recurring villains, a bunch of different plot lines, and non-stop action as the team tries to stop bombs from going off all over the world. It probably should have felt more cluttered than it did, though it was certainly hard to leave room for many emotional beats.

In other news, Thea is still trapped in the dome, this time facing down Anarchy (who, surprisingly, turns out to be the biggest feminist on the show). Diggle is still working through what happened to his brother, as Felicity is forced to trust and work with her father. This season really is all about family – how we construct it, and what to do when it betrays you.

One of the emotional beats that did land was that ending and the single line of tear running down poor Felicity’s cheek. Aside from a few pitch-perfect scenes with her mother and father respectively, the girl had a rough night. Though she managed to save the world, she couldn’t save Havenrock, killing tens of thousands of people. Better than millions, as Lyla points out, but I doubt that will be much of a comfort. We’re dealing with a lot of guilt, a more emotionally mature Oliver (!?), and a mad man set on destroying humanity as we head into the final two episodes of the season. All we need are some kisses thrown in there for good measure. PLEASE let’s throw some kisses in there, OK? All this guilt is wearing a girl out.


Olicity Moments:

  • Lyla doubts that Felicity -– or anyone –- can stop the nuclear weapons from launching. “She can do it; she’s the best,” Oliver says with an easy confidence that makes my heart happy. But even this job is a little much for Felicity, and she suggests bringing her dad on-board. Diggle is skeptical. “I trust Felicity. And we should just let her do her job,” Oliver reiterates. My heart you guys! My heart.


  • Oliver and Diggle talk about lying to the women in their lives and Oliver cautions John against it. Naturally. This is a tiny scene, but worth mentioning since it’s one of the few times we see Oliver address (and look pretty sad about) why he lost Felicity.


  • Felicity gets fired from Palmer Tech. Is that possible? Can you even get fired from your own company? I need to get an MBA just to understand this show. And maybe a doctorate in computer science. Regardless, we get a pretty cute Original Team Arrow scene where Oliver suggests stealing some tech from the lab. Cut to – covert company hijinks! My favorite kind. Too bad it didn’t lead to any sexy innuendos in an elevator shaft, but hey there’s always next time.


  • “Leading a duel life is why you lost her,” the Green Arrow says to Felicity’s dad. IS THIS PERSONAL GROWTH I SEE OLIVER?! It looks good on you. Keep it up.
  • For once, Felicity can’t easily save the day with her tech and she only manages to divert one of the nuclear missiles to try and keep the casualty count down. It’s a crappy, devastating choice, and I can only imagine what it’s going to do to her mental state in the coming episodes.

Moments of Hope: Not gonna lie, I’m a little worried about this one. Felicity is our constant well of sunshine and happiness, even when she’s depressed or angry she still manages to be quippy and fairly levelheaded. But this is a huge blow. Combined with Diggle’s guilt over his brother and Laurel, I think Team Arrow is in for some rough waters ahead.

Surprisingly, Oliver looks to be in the best mental state as we gear up for the last couple episodes. I never thought I would say that, to be honest. But this episode he did start to show some reflective thinking: it’s clear that he knows he shouldn’t have lied to Felicity, and there has to be some catharsis in telling Diggle not to blame himself. Olicity could go one of two ways in the coming weeks: either Felicity lets Oliver comfort her and they move closer to reconciling, or she shuts him out and turns in on herself. I love the thought that now it’s time for Oliver to become her light, so let’s all pray that she lets him in after this Havenrock business. I have no doubt these two will work their way back to each other eventually, but this was the first episode that made me think it might not happen this season. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up.

Steamy or Loving or Distracted: Romance took a backseat to saving the world from nuclear annihilation this week. Which is a pretty good reason, I suppose. It’s still nice to see Oliver and Felicity working together, and Original Team Arrow will always be my favorite configuration down in that lair. Laurel really did lift right out of the show, didn’t she? Her death was tragic, but now that everyone is too busy trying to save the world, it’s almost like it never happened. I’m not sure I miss her much either. Onward.

I firmly believe that we’ll have some Olicity moments in the next couple episodes. Even if they don’t end up together by the finale, I think they’ll work through some of their issues. I’d be shocked if we didn’t get a kiss, or at least a really meaningful conversation. But there are only two episodes left this season (sob!), so we’re running out of time for romance. Get with it, Arrow.

Can’t wait for next week, when Oliver finally realizes Thea is missing. It’s only been days and days of no contact and a looming nuclear threat. I mean, seriously.

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode, “Lost in the Flood”:

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