“Olicity” Watch: Felicity’s State of Mind and Curtis Wins Wednesday Night TV – Again!

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

While it was an eventful night for Team Arrow, not much happened on the “Olicity” front. And by ‘not much,’ I mean basically nothing at all. I’m starting to get nervous over here. Let’s just try and linger on those few promising moments in our Olicity Watch for 4×22, “Lost in the Flood”:


Oliver and John spend most of their time underground, trying to save Thea, stop Anarchy, stop Ruve, also stop Malcom, stop Darhk too, and make it out alive after they blow the whole suburban-bunker to smithereens. I’m exhausted just writing that sentence. On the home front, Felicity, Curtis and her father are fighting their own battle: trying to hack into Darhk’s system to shut down the nuclear weapons and stop Felicity’s old boyfriend Cooper from out-hacking them (I clearly understood all the techno-babble). In the best scenes of the night, Curtis gets to watch Felicity’s parents snipe at each other, and by the end Donna has convinced Noah to leave town for good. I’m skeptical.

Everyone does succeed in their individual goals, but not without supremely pissing off Darhk, who now just wants to set the world on fire and watch it burn. His wife is dead, his kid is with Oliver, and his safety net has been destroyed. It’s no surprise that the episode ends with him showing up at the loft looking for Felicity. Maybe this means next week we’ll get some Oliver-saving-Felicity action (but-oh-wait-she-already-saved-herself-because-she-doesn’t-need-a-man-to-be-her-hero.). I honestly don’t care how it plays out as long as I get some sweet make outs. That will happen, right? Huh? Please? Why aren’t you answering me?


Olicity Moments:

  • In our only true Olicity moment of the night, Felicity rushes at Oliver as soon as she sees him in the lair and wraps her arms around him. “Thanks for not being dead,” she says, and the surprised look on his face is more than a little painful. JUST BE TOGETHER! AGAIN I DON’T SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS HERE.


  • Curtis is hanging out at the loft, with Donna and Noah, who cannot stop arguing. How did these two ever fall in love? They mostly seem to want to snark each other to death, and not in a sexy way. It is all pretty funny though, especially when Felicity shows up. She finally tells her mom the truth about her nighttime activities, after Donna assumes she’s pregnant. “Is that the only news a woman can have?” Felicity asks. Amen, sister


  • After they’ve all ‘won’ their battles, Felicity frantically checks in with Team Arrow, and of course Oliver picks up the call. They chat for a minute about what happened and I’m wondering where all the cute banter is. Remember when they used to flirt over comms? Those were the days. A scene or two later, Felicity tells Curtis that her mother lied when she said Noah left them, scared that he would hurt Felicity too much if he stayed. Curtis points out that it all sounds pretty similar to what’s going down with her and Oliver and OMG I can’t believe I haven’t made that connection yet. Felicity looks thoughtful and all I can say is thank god Curtis is gonna be a series regular next year.

Moments of Hope: My first instinct was to write NONE! And then throw my computer across the room. But after calming down a bit, I’ve realized that there was some Olicity going on, it was just mostly under the surface. Way, way, way under the surface. We did get one moment of contact with that hug, which I would be happier about if it didn’t feel a little shoehorned into the plot to appease the Olicity fans. Not that I’m complaining. Much.

Regardless, I think the bigger moment happens between Curtis and Felicity when he tells her that she might be running from Oliver the same way her mother ran from her father. While I don’t love the thought that the blame could be getting shifted to Felicity — let’s all remember that Oliver is the big liar who lies — it does make a certain amount of sense. If nothing else, it might be the catalyst for Felicity reconsidering her relationship with Oliver. And now that she’s in mortal danger, it might force Oliver’s feelings to the surface again too (not that they were buried deep; the boy is clearly smitten). I’ve been getting more and more nervous that we might not get an Olicity reunion by next week, but this scene calmed my nerves a bit. A very little bit, but still.

Steamy or Loving or Barely There But All Hope Isn’t Lost Yet I Swear: Arrow is an action show, and romance has never been the forefront. But the writers struck gold with Felicity and Oliver and they know it, and they clearly milk it for all it’s worth. The biggest moments of action in the show have always been wrapped up in the biggest emotional beats for Oliver. Once Felicity came onto the scene, almost all of those emotional beats were related to her. Let’s not forget whose face he saw last after he got stabbed on the mountain. That and countless other moments have made me believe that Felicity and Oliver are endgame. I have zero doubt that these two will find their way back to each other. The question is whether or not that will happen in the last episode.

So let’s go back to those emotional beats: while Oliver is now going to face a blood-thirsty Darhk hell-bent on nuclear annihilation, he’s also going to have some kind of emotional climax as well. Last year, it was finally giving in and realizing that he wanted to run away with Felicity. This year, he doesn’t have any real family drama, Laurel is dead (not that she was a viable romantic option anyway), and Diggle is wrapped up in his own drama. The biggest emotional struggle Oliver has faced this year is lying to Felicity and finally having to confront the darkness inside him. We’ve already seen Oliver fall into that darkness over and over and it only makes sense that now he would chose the light as it’s what the series has been setting up all season. He couldn’t run away from being a vigilante, and he can’t fully lose himself in it either. The only place left for Oliver to go is towards becoming the hero he was always meant to be. And for him, that goes hand-in-hand with being with Felicity. The writers know this, and it’s part of what gives me hope for a reconciliation.

But the problem isn’t Oliver’s growth; it’s Felicity’s mental state. While she seemed pretty capable of compartmentalizing her part in nuclear bombing an entire town, I highly doubt that her guilt is gone for good. It might be time for her own downward spiral, and that might mean her rejecting Oliver again and maybe leaving town. There’s NO WAY this would happen without an emotional scene with Oliver, one where I suspect they’ll confess their love once again. So no matter what happens, I truly believe we will get an emotional Olicity scene next week. I’m just not sure what the outcome after that will be. Will Felicity listen to Curtis’ words and decide to be with Oliver again? Or will she need to run away from the guilt and sadness that has been weighing her down the last half of the season? We’ll just have to tune in next week – and try not to bite all our fingernails off before then.

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode, “Schism”:


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