“Olicity” Watch: Darkness, Magic and Hub City Offer Hope for Oliver and Felicity

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

This episode is more like it! There’s “Olicity” everywhere, no retconning in sight, and Oliver in formalwear. Who could ask for anything more?

Here’s our Olicity Watch for 4×20, “Genesis”:


Our heroes are spread out across separate cities in this one, each fighting their own battles. And while every story is compelling in and of itself, the whole narrative gets a little more muddled when it all comes together. Try not to dwell on how quickly Oliver picks up magic, though it might explain how he and Felicity change clothes and book it back to Star City in about 5 minutes in order to help save John. Unless Hub City is right next door and they were getting on the private jet for a little private fun? A girl can dream.

Logic aside, it was a pretty entertaining episode all around. Olicity is back on track, with flirting comments, longing glances and Felicity once again acting as Oliver’s moral compass. The writers are not even trying to be subtle about the light/dark theme anymore as Oliver literally finds himself battling his inner darkness. One guess as to who helps him find his way. In other news, Thea has the creepiest story of the night when she realizes Alex is under Ruve’s drugged-up spell and that she’s trapped in the fake suburbs where the bird calls and dog barks are on a constant loop. When the camera pans out to show that it’s actually a domed town Darhk built to wait out the coming nuclear apocalypse, I got literal chills.

But MVP of the episode is Diggle, who battles his own darkness when he has to decide whether or not to kill his brother. Twice. The second time around he takes the shot, and I just know we’re in for a tsunami of angst. In the meantime, I’ll bask in all those Olicity heart eyes and trust that these two are seconds away from locking lips again.

Olicity Moments:

  • Oliver decides to skip town for his “magical mystery tour” and Felicity does not look happy. She finds him where he’s been sleeping in the lair, and he’s back to being growly I live in the darkness, Oliver. “Don’t talk to me like I’m other people,” she says, right before informing him that she’s going with him. SQUEE. They flirt with their eyes and their mouths and their hearts and I can already tell this is gonna be a great episode.


  • Our favorite couple is in Hub City, dressed to the nines and giving me season one flashbacks. Their easy chemistry is finally present again as Felicity cleans up at the blackjack table and Oliver does a Constantine impression that makes me wish this show was set in England. Constantine’s magical buddy turns out to be a super hot lady, of course, but Oliver only has eyes for one woman in that casino. The immortal shaman’s name is Esrin Fortuna. Which…fine. She tells Oliver that the only way to fight Darhk’s magic is with his own. The kicker? The lightness inside him has to outweigh the dark. HAHA. The metaphor of Oliver’s constant internal struggle is so literal I feel like I got punched in the face. When they try out the exercise, Oliver sees all the darkness in him – his killing, his parents dying, Laurel getting stabbed, and, lastly, Felicity giving him back the ring. He fails to fight against it and Esrin declares him unteachable. Sounds like it’s time for a Felicity pep talk.


  •  Enter: Felicity pep talk. Oliver is defeated and Felicity is exasperated. I would be too if I had to keep giving the same speech over and over. Maybe some day it will actually sink in. Oliver tells Felicity what we’ve all been thinking for the last few years: “You are the one who brings the light.” She basically rolls her eyes and tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Preach.

  • Back in Star City, Oliver uses all that magic he magically learned (?!?!) to finally block Darhk’s magic. Later, he tells Felicity that it was because of her voice in his head, and because of remembering all the good in his life. Sure, he mentions Diggle, Thea, and Laurel too, but let’s focus on what matters here. They smile at each other and I turn into a little pile of goo on the couch. This reunion is coming, people. Get ready.

Moments of Hope: There was so much hope in this episode it’s ridiculous. From their first scene together, the energy between Oliver and Felicity was markedly different from the past few weeks. The anger is gone, the sadness too, and they’re back to doing what they do best: working as a team. Just in case that isn’t enough for you, the writers also threw in hint after hint that these two are endgame: mentions of love ferns, Oliver naturally taking Felicity’s hand to help her down the stairs, her slip up when she says she got them a “room.” Esrin is exactly the kind of woman who would have sent season two Oliver into a tizzy -– to the point that I was actually worried when I first saw her show up on screen. But Oliver barely looked at her twice, instead calling Felicity his light and making it pretty obvious that he can’t function without the bubbly genius. I squealed out loud about 10 times this episode, so sit tight Olicity fans. After a few weeks of darkness we’re finally heading for the light (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?).


Steamy or Loving or Back on Track: I said last week that now we’d start to see Oliver and Felicity rebuilding their relationship, and thank God I was right. The writers could have sent anyone to Hub City with Oliver, but they picked Felicity for a reason. If nothing else, it’s nice to see the two acting like friends again and working together to overcome a problem. As much as I like watching them make out, this is where the couple shines; they started as friends, and their mutual support just makes them better people in general. BUUUUT I don’t look at my friends like that. Nor do I slip up about booking us room(s) or talk about how I’m not “other people” while gazing into their eyes. Soulmates can’t just hang out and hustle people in casinos without feeling something, so the fact that Felicity is starting to let Oliver back in is a huge step for the couple. I see a reconciliation on the horizon and it can’t come fast enough. But first they have to deal with all that nuclear war.

Here’s the trailer for next week’s episode, “Monument Point”:


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