When asked what comedian should write a book, to me the answer seemed obvious: Louis C.K. As my generation’s comedy darling, the too-real parenting guide he’s destined to produce one day would probably be a killer read! When I ask other people, the answer generally stays the same (and for good reason, because he’s really, really great).

However, since so many comedians have been writing book after book in the past couple of years (Aziz Ansari, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler and Chelsea Handler, just to name a few!), I started to think about whose book I would actually want to read, besides the obvious answers, and besides the entertainers who have already written a flurry of books. Here’s four comedians I would love to one day get a book from, in only a slightly particular order:

Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder’s show on Comedy Central, Nathan for You, is my favorite thing on television. Fielder essentially goes around giving small business people outrageous advice in the form of zany schemes designed to get them more business. It might sound a little complicated, but once you get it, it’s brilliant. Examples of zany schemes include starting a coffee shop named “Dumb Starbucks,” developing a “poop flavored” frozen yogurt for the shock factor and, my personal favorite, creating a realtor who guarantees ghost-free homes:

If he wrote a book, I have no idea what he would come up with, but I’m pretty sure it would be fantastic.

Iliza Shlesinger

So whatever Iliza Shlesinger would come up with in terms of a book would probably be golden. She’s kind of the queen of saying things that, as a woman, you really don’t want to admit are true despite the fact that they definitely are. Case in point:

Her two Netflix specials, War Paint and Freezing Hot, are hilarious and filled with the most absurd facts about fundamentally female experiences. For some reason, I have the mental image of a book geared towards teen girls that is a bit too real for teenage girls, but I’m just spit-balling.

UPDATE!: As it turns out, Shlesinger IS actually publishing a book, titled Girl Logic, with Weinstein Books. Somehow we missed that (thank you to Shlesinger for calling us out on Twitter, totally called for!), but we assure you we’ll be first in line to pick it up when it comes out in 2017.

Ali Wong

Based solely on the strength of her new stand up special, Baby Cobra, and her recent interview on WTF with Marc Maron, I think Ali Wong should totally write a book. Any woman who can go on a comedy tour while 7½ months pregnant is a hero.

She’s raw, real and seems to genuinely not care really about what people think of her, which I guess is supposedly a prerequisite for being a comic, but it takes a rare breed to get that weird while being that pregnant. The idea of ever having a child is understandably intimidating, but maybe it would be a little less stressful armed with a book of one-liners to shut down lazy and/or clueless baby daddies.

Dave Chappelle

OK, so Dave Chappelle might seem like one of those “obvious” answers for a book written by a comedian, but since it seems so unlikely, I figured I’d include it.

Plenty of books have been written about him, including a collection of critical essays, but so far, he’s not written anything himself. After his mysterious hiatus from show business in 2005, right at the height of his universally loved television show, he’s back on the road doing stand-up, which is pretty great. After creating some of the most iconic characters of my generation’s collective consciousness (and after being turned into an infinite amount of memes on the internet), it would be pretty cool if he wrote some kind of memoir when ready.