Spring Clean Your Body and Soul: 4 Yoga Poses for Book Readers

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Yoga on a mat, yoga in a hot room, yoga on a paddle board, the possibilities and places to practice yoga is endless! Practicing yoga not only changes your aim-true-kathryn-budigphysical being but opens up your mind as well. In a world where we are tweeting what we’re eating and snapping while we’re sleeping, there is simply no chance of slowing down. And since April is the time for spring cleaning, why not consider spring cleaning your mind and body, too?! Cleaning your mind, body and soul through strategic yoga poses can help you relax in ways one may have never been aware of.

We like to consult Kathryn Budig’s Aim True: Love Your Body, Eat Without Fear, Nourish Your Spirit, Discover True Balance! (William Morrow Paperbacks, March 2016), which provides insight into practicing a healthy lifestyle whether you’re looking to improve your diet or yourself. So where to start first? Thanks to our gracious yoga model/instructor, Catherine Cook, we have four fun and easy poses to practice without taking time away from your reading! So, lay down that yoga mat and take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to strike a pose and restore your mind, body and soul with these yoga poses. Plus, check out the book we paired with each pose.

Sphinx Pose sphinx pose

Lay face-down on the floor, rest your elbows under your shoulders, and breathe in and out as you read Paulo Coelho’s extraordinary novel, The Alchemist. A story of a simple shepherd boy, Santiago, and his expedition to Egypt after having a recurring dream of discovering treasure.

the-alchemist-paulo-coelhoBook: The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho (HarperOne, April 2014)






Pigeon Pose

pigeon pose

Besides Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch being my favorite book of all time, when I heard the term pigeon pose, I automatically thought of New York City’s dirty birds and Theo Decker’s absolute disgust for them. If you haven’t had a chance to read this Pulitzer Prize Winner, flip to the first page, then lay face down with your arms crossed under you and your elbows propping you up, bring a leg up under your belly, while your other leg is straight out behind you, extend your spine and let Tartt’s words pour over you.

the-goldfinch-donna-tarttBook: The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt (Back Bay Books, April 2015)






Child’s Pose

child's pose

This specific yoga pose immediately had me thinking of Room‘s 5-year-old Jack practicing his exercises with Ma in their 11×11-foot shed. If you haven’t read this inspirational story of love and fear, kneel on the floor, exhale and lay your torso down as you become consumed in Jack’s storytelling.

room-emma-donoghueBook: Room, Emma Donoghue (Back Bay Books, May 2011)





Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

legs up the wall pose


OK, we all know when anyone mentions the word “wall,” one automatically pictures the colossal fortress which protects the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. This relaxing and gentle inversion will have you resting at ease as you dive into the dangerous world of Game of Thrones. The Night’s Watch could definitely take a few lessons from this yoga pose when they’re stressed out.

game-of-thrones-george-r-r-martinBook: Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin (Bantam, March 2011)



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