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Swash_ornamentpromiseofsurrenderDear Readers,

Can you believe this is the 17th MacKenzie story? What a rollercoaster ride we’ve been through with this family–heartache, love, loss, marriage, children, death–but through it all they stick together. THE PROMISE OF SURRENDER revisits Surrender, Montana and takes up a few months after CAPTURED IN SURRENDER. I hope you enjoy Mia and Zeke’s story. I’ve been told you might end up buying a pool table to recreate one of the sexy scenes. Try not to damage the felt, and make sure the balls are OFF the table. No one likes getting whacked in the head with a pool ball while in the throws of passion.

Liliana HartStay safe out there!


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Swash_ornamentdominoeffectDear Reader,

I’m so excited to be releasing DOMINO EFFECT and BUTTERFLY EFFECT, the first two books in the sexy, suspenseful Domino Series! I was inspired to write these books one day when wondering what might happen if I set a romantic/erotic suspense story against today’s unstable, often violent geopolitics around the world. As a former journalist myself, I also wanted to create a strong young jillelaineheroine who finds herself caught up in a story assignment that becomes much, much bigger and more important than just her and her budding career. Nancy Delaney is the protagonist I wish I could have been in my own twenties.

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Swash_ornamentTransformed cover thumbnailDear Reader,

Charley McElroy is a transman spy benched for not paying his taxes. Electra is a socialite-turned-dominatrix rebuilding her life after a messy divorce. Together they uncover a Christian extremist out to destroy the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Can they get anyone to listen to them … or are suzannefalterthey on their own?

That’s the premise of Transformed: San Francisco — a funny, quirky spy novel that Kirkus calls “a breath of fresh air …” We wrote it because we believe even unusual underdogs CAN save the day.

I’m giving away five books to readers. Write [email protected] to win!

Swash_ornamentamericasfirstdaughterDEAR READER,

Did you know Thomas Jefferson left more than 18,000 letters behind for posterity? In AMERICA’S FIRST DAUGHTER, we used those letters to frame a story about Patsy Jefferson’s loving but deeply destructive relationship with her father, the third president. A relationship that defined her life Dray.KamoieAuthorPhotoand also shaped the identity of the new nation.

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Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie