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Friday’s here and we have some great giveaways for you to enter to win! So choose your favorite read and don’t delay!



Sullivan’s War by Andy Clancy

On Earth, a powerful politician has been murdered. When he’s assigned to the case, Agent Frank Allen soon discovers that the man responsible, Rick Sullivan, is not yet finished killing. But Allen will also discover that Rick Sullivan is not the man he appears to be, and the war he’s fighting, a war to rid his home planet of its oppressive government, is not his only battle.

As Allen pursues Sullivan across the known galaxy, he begins to question his own beliefs and loyalties. Will Allen be able to stop Rick Sullivan before he kills again? Does he really want to? As their lives become increasingly intertwined, both men realize they must face truths about themselves that neither of them are prepared for. And some of those truths will have consequences that neither of them could have ever imagined.


51qg+9L6ozL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Fangio: A Very Nice Cat by Ann Woolf

The main character of “Fangio” is the Traveler, a twenty-eight-year-old Belgian Canadian woman who leaves on a trip throughout the USA after the death of her best friend’s father. A dramatic event at her home front forces her to interrupt her trip after six months and fly back to Belgium for just one week. After she returns to the States, suddenly her hometown and its surroundings are startled by a series of killings, not connected to each other at first sight.

As a die-hard Stephen king addict, the Traveler is accompanied by his books that inspire and assist her when she has to make decisions.

The first half of the book sets all the characters, drags the reader into the world of the Traveler and her entourage. The second half of the book contains the mystery and the action.

As I am writing the synopsis myself, it is very hard to boast and use marketing terms in order to make you feel like reading my book. All I can say is that it was written with heart and soul, without the intention even ever to publish. And there must be a reason that since 1997 I didn’t write again, until three weeks ago when I was in Romania and I started my second thriller: “In Romania, all Bulgarians Are from Texas.”

51OHp+It3bL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_What’s Most Important?: The 5 Factors For Living an Intelligent Life by Bill Svoboda

“Let’s start a revolution. I want us to start a revolution. We need to start a revolution. I don’t mean an armed rebellion against the government or other forms of authority. I mean an intellectual and behavioral revolution that questions the status quo at every level and then makes changes based on that which we deliberately determine to be most important.”

These are the words of Dr. Bill Svoboda, and he invites you to join his revolution that, literally, will change your life. By asking yourself the question What’s Most Important? you will take the first step in challenging and changing your thinking and behaviors. But how do you determine what’s most important to you? Dr. Svoboda will guide you through the process to determine your values and priorities in life, by analyzing five factors: Factor 1: Gaining and Maintaining Physical Health; Factor 2: Gaining and Maintaining Mental Health; Factor 3: Gaining and Maintaining Financial Security; Factor 4: Mastering and Using Problem-Solving and Critical-Thinking Skills; Factor 5: Acting Responsibly to Others, the Environment, and Yourself. These factors are the keys to living a well-rounded, satisfying and focused life. They will help you to:

• Use your discretionary time to seek information that can improve your life and the lives of those around you

• Develop the ability to use objective questions, healthy skepticism, and critical analysis of ideas and actions

• Shift away from a win-lose mentality in decision-making and negotiating to a problem-solving process based on win-win solutions that emphasize positive human consequences

• Develop a lifestyle that emphasizes plant-based, nutritious “real foods” along with a variety of physical exercise

• Gain an increased awareness to conserve and nurture what nature has given us

• Seek happiness through adding value to others, to the environment, and to yourself

And much more!
(Bill Svoboda)

Numero Zero by Umberto Eco

51dPmVGEutL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A newspaper committed to blackmail and mud slinging, rather than reporting the news.

A paranoid editor, walking through the streets of Milan, reconstructing fifty years of history against the backdrop of a plot involving the cadaver of Mussolini’s double.

The murder of Pope John Paul I, the CIA, red terrorists handled by secret services, twenty years of bloodshed, and events that seem outlandish until the BBC proves them true.

A fragile love story between two born losers, a failed ghost writer, and a vulnerable girl, who specializes in celebrity gossip yet cries over the second movement of Beethoven’s Seventh. And then a dead body that suddenly appears in a back alley in Milan.

Set in 1992 and foreshadowing the mysteries and follies of the following twenty years, Numero Zero is a scintillating take on our times from the best-selling author of The Name of the Rose and Foucault’s Pendulum.

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