“Olicity” Watch: Our Worst Fears Come True for Oliver and Felicity

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

To quote Damien Darhk: “Well, that happened.” Oliver’s son is safe but gone from his life, Felicity can walk again, and our favorite couple is officially broken up. It was a bit of a roller coaster last night, and not always in a good way. Let’s dive into our “Olicity” Watch for 4×15, “Taken”:



Most of Taken was a mad dash to find Oliver’s son, which led to a lot of angst and a pretty hilarious moment where Oliver was stuck in a room with three women he’s slept with/lied to/cheated on. The highlight of the episode was Vixen, a magical superhero who can channel the spirit of any animal. Thank god we finally got someone on the show to figure out how to neutralize Darhk. I am a HUGE fan of Neal McDonough’s portrayal as Damien Darhk, the big villain this season, but all that invisible throat choking was getting pretty old. Also, how has he not figured out that Oliver is the Green Arrow yet?? Every single time he threatens Oliver Queen the vigilante shows up, not to mention all the well-lit rooms they keep fighting in. Regardless, by episode’s end, Oliver has dropped out of the mayoral race, saved William and ultimately decided that it was better to not be in his son’s life anymore.


And that was it, nothing else happened, everything is great now, la la la la la.

OK FINE. Olicity also broke up in a kind of bizarre but also strangely poetic scene that involved Felicity miraculously being able to walk out of the loft with no PT or stumbling or anything. Right. It was a sad (and oddly edited) moment, but it was hard not to stand up myself and applaud Felicity’s choices. I might have been crying all over the sofa last night, but I’m also a little relieved. Ever since Oliver first lied to Felicity we’ve been waiting for the fallout. Now everything is out in the open and maybe the shock of losing his soulmate will finally be the thing that changes Oliver for good. These two have always had the potential for a truly healthy, adult relationship where both parties lean on and trust each other. Having them break up and forcing Oliver to grow is actually a good thing – or so I keep telling myself. I have no doubt that Olicity will be back together by the end of the season, but in the meantime we’ll have to suffer through a lot of angst. Time to stock up on those tissues.

Olicity Moments:


  • With the bio-thingy implanted in her spine, Felicity attempts to walk again. Her efforts are fruitless, but Oliver is there as the supportive fiancé, kissing her on the head (twice!) and catching her when she falls. [Side note: I am INTO Curtis’ adorable husband.] Later, out in the parking lot, Felicity fights back tears. “Talk to me,” Oliver says. “I wanted to be able to walk down the aisle on our wedding day,” she answers. They share their patented I-love-you-so-much-it’s-stupid look, and on that final sweet moment, Darhk steps out of the shadows to tell Oliver he kidnapped William. The cat is finally out of the bag as the world’s most emotionally closed-off vigilante has no choice but to come clean.



  • Back in the lair, Felicity is Not. Pleased. To say the least. Oliver tries to reason with her, but things get progressively worse when she finds out that Thea, Barry and Malcolm all knew about William and she didn’t. Samantha, William’s mom, shows up at the campaign office and Oliver tells her he’s the Green Arrow. There’s a delicious moment where Oliver has to face his former girlfriend, the woman he cheated on her with, and the current love who’s busy shooting eye-daggers at him. I just love it when Oliver’s playboy past comes back to bite him in the ass. [Side note two: this is one of those rare episodes where I really loved Laurel and how she reacted to Oliver cheating with Samantha. Of course this whole thing wouldn’t be just about Felicity and I thought the show handled Laurel’s complicated feelings really well.


  • Oliver and Felicity are pros at putting aside their personal feelings in order to get through a mission, but even their expert compartmentalization takes a hit when Oliver begins to order her around. He pauses at the look on her face. “Would it be all right if you’d…” he starts instead, and if that tentative request doesn’t show Oliver’s growth over the past few years, nothing will. Once they’re alone, Samantha tells Felicity that Oliver’s lie is all her fault. Which – fine, but let’s acknowledge that you both sucked in this situation, okay? Felicity is no fool, and she only smiles politely as we see the gears turning in her head.


  • Felicity finds Oliver in his former campaign office, and they both seem a little softer when she tells him that Samantha explained about William. “I didn’t want to be a part of William’s life without the opportunity for you to be a part of his life,” Oliver tells her. The scene seems designed to throw us off the scent of a breakup, but it’s clearly too little too late for all parties involved.


  • The moment we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived as Felicity confronts Oliver about all the lying – and the fact that he decided to walk away from his son without discussing it with her. Likewise, she’s already made up her mind about them and she places the engagement ring on the counter, telling him that she can’t marry someone who won’t fully let her in. Amen, sister. Oliver is clearly upset, but the whole thing takes a weird turn when Felicity’s foot twitches. They’re sad but also happy as she stands up and takes a few tentative steps. Oliver’s expression quickly shifts from wonder to grief when she walks out of the loft in silence. It’s a strange scene all around. The tone feels off (are we happy? Sad? Confused?) and it’s way too short for all the emotional beats the writers are trying to hit. Still, the damage is done. Yay(!) for Felicity, but Olicity is clearly over for now.

Kiss Count: 2 forehead kisses, which they managed to squeeze in before the angst-bomb exploded all over everything. Considering it’s the last kissing we’ll see for a good long while, I’ll take it.

Best Moment: Um…was there one? This might be controversial, but I’m going with Felicity gaining the ability to walk RIGHT OUT THAT DOOR. It’s one thing to know Oliver inside and out, which I believe Felicity does, but it’s another thing to live your life with someone who won’t completely let you in. Felicity knows why Oliver lied and why he continually makes decisions without her: in the five years he was gone, he had to react quickly and coldly, and he had no one to rely on but himself. After that trauma, learning how to let someone in has always been the biggest hurdle for Oliver, and he wasn’t lying when he told Felicity that he’s trying. But she needs more than that, and her walking out was her drawing a line in the sand. Slow-cookers, rings and a “normal” life with Felicity are just Band-Aids that Oliver’s trying to put over the emotional wound(s) he hasn’t fully dealt with. I have a feeling that the fear of losing Felicity will finally be the thing that forces Oliver to truly move on from the calculated killer he had to become on that island.

Steamy or Loving or I’m Still Crying: Just because I get why Felicity left doesn’t make the breakup any easier. Oliver’s please-don’t-leave-me-I’m-about-to-cry face gets me every time. His inability to express his feelings is almost just as difficult to take. He doesn’t say much as Felicity tells him why she’s done, but Stephen Amell kills those facial expressions, and Oliver’s grief is palpable. As we’ve seen in the past, Oliver without Felicity is a very, very dangerous animal. She’s his light (*sob*) and without her, Oliver retreats into Island-Oliver: ruthless, barely-contained and out for blood. I’m curious to see how the fallout from their relationship plays out, but unfortunately we have to wait three weeks before episode 4×16 airs. Thankfully, Cupid is returning (YAY!) and she’s always down for a little romantic-mayhem. Hopefully she’ll provide the kick in the ass that Oliver so desperately needs.

Here’s the promo for 4×16: “Broken Hearts” airing March 23:

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