“Olicity” Watch: Malcolm Goes Off the Deep End and Oliver Proposes — Again!

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

It was all about crappy fathers on Arrow last night. From Felicity’s super-villain dad to Malcolm being the worst (as usual), everyone’s parental relationships were getting examined.


I’m not gonna lie, I thought this episode was pretty boring until Oliver calmly and callously cut Malcolm’s hand off (!!!). But there were some sweet “Olicity” moments peppered in. The calm before the storm? Probably. At least for now there are still second proposals, long looks and pawing at each other in the lair. Here’s the “Olicity” Watch for 4×13, “Sins of the Father”:


Nyssa is out for blood, holding Thea’s life in her hands with a magic potion and demanding that Oliver kill Malcolm. Actually, everyone is demanding that Oliver kill Malcolm, including Felicity, his usual voice of reason. But I guess everyone is getting pretty sick of Malcolm’s shenanigans – myself included. Maybe it’s time to finally write him off for good? Pretty please?


The more interesting story –- at least until Malcolm loses an appendage -– is Felicity’s father returning and the tentative hope and eventual resignation that Emily Bett Rickards brings to her performance. It’s not every day you have your father arrested, but I’m always happy to see Felicity get an emotional storyline that doesn’t solely revolve around Oliver.


Speaking of our favorite couple, aside from plotting murder together and the looming threat of their breakup, they were pretty cute in Sins of the Father. I could watch Oliver re-propose all day. And I’ll probably have to, considering he’s about to muck everything up between them. Malcolm knows about William, Oliver’s son, Felicity’s trust issues are front-and-center, and I have a feeling for the “Olicity” relationship, calm is not long for this world.

“Olicity” Moments:

  • Felicity tells Oliver and the gang that her father is not only back but also a bad guy-hacker who almost destroyed the city. They all look concerned, but Oliver gives her his special supportive-though-still-worried eyes. The whole conversation feels a little abrupt considering Felicity just dropped a 20-year bombshell, but it does make sense that Oliver’s focus is squarely on saving Thea.
  • Both Oliver and Felicity are especially mopey when they meet up in the lair and share their issues. “People don’t change,” Felicity tells Oliver, “no matter how much you want them to.” It seems like a slightly cruel thing to say to someone who was putting arrows into faces just a few years ago, but then Oliver is still lying to her, so the whole speech comes off as sad foreshadowing more than anything else. Felicity feels a little out of character as she begs Oliver to destroy Malcolm, though maybe she’s just feeling the same Malcolm-as-villain fatigue that we all are. Still, John Barrowman kills it as he bellows at Oliver, basically decides to let Thea die, and threatens William’s life. Great, he knows about the kid. I don’t think this will bode well for anyone.
  • Oliver orchestrates a fight between him and Malcolm, but not before he and Felicity whisper cutely and exchange loaded glances. I love how he looks to her right before he starts fighting, as if he needs her permission or her reassurance. Or maybe he’s just trying to smooth things over after bringing up his League marriage to Nyssa.
  • Thea wakes up, Oliver and Felicity finish each other’s sentences, and then grope each other while everyone has a conversation. She grabs his chest, he grabs her shoulder, and why-oh-why do these two have to break up again??
  • Back home after a very long couple of days, Felicity and Oliver share their troubles. “You don’t have to be funny for me. You know that, right?” Oliver says, and I’m squeeing so hard I might pop an eardrum. I love how he cuts right through her defenses, giving her permission to let down her guard and honestly open up. They both open up of course, and have a mature and thoughtful conversation about their choices while also clutching hands and professing their love. It’s all so sweet I probably grew like four cavities. Oliver is feeling the love as well and asks Felicity to marry him…again. They decide to have a quick, intimate ceremony sometime soon and I know this kind of planning-for-the-future means they’re headed for doom, but I barely even care as they kiss while the fireplace throws light all over them and I rewind until even my TV is rolling its eyes.

Kiss Count: One, during proposal number 2. I love kisses where Felicity frames Oliver’s face and practically hauls his mouth to hers. No one could blame you, girl.


Best Moment: That second proposal! I know it was more of an agreement to get married asap, but the whole exchange was adorable. Felicity is usually the one who’s there for Oliver, and the one who professes to know him inside and out. But he also knows her too, so it’s really satisfying to hear him say that she doesn’t have to be funny (or strong) for him. She’s allowed to lean on him like he leans on her, and that mutual love and trust is sacred.


Oh sorry, did I say trust? Yeah, that’s probably not the best choice of words, considering the whole secret-son-about-to-blow-up-in-Oliver’s-face-thing.

Steamy or Loving or Foreshadowing: “Olicity” was solidly there for each other in this episode, and the couple mostly came off as loving, sweet and stable. But the cracks are headed their way, and the breakup was foreshadowed in almost every exchange: from Malcolm knowing about William to Felicity dealing with the abandonment issues her father gave her as a little girl. The angst is coming, people. I can feel it. It’s like The Force only way crappier.


The biggest concern is that Felicity’s trust issues are now on the surface – after what happened with her father, she needs to know she can rely on Oliver implicitly. But, of course, we know she can’t and the William-reveal is right around the corner. That looming threat to her happiness put a damper on a lot of the cute moments last night, including Oliver’s second proposal. Let’s hope proposal number 3 comes when he’s fully earned back Felicity’s trust and all is well in “Olicity”-land. Unfortunately, we’re in for a rocky ride before that happens. Will it all come to a head next week? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s next week’s promo for 4×14: “Code of Silence”:

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