“Olicity” Watch: Daddy Dearest and the Return of an Old Friend

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

We had a few rocky mid-season episodes, but it feels like Arrow is finally back on track. Last night’s Unchained was action-packed, emotional, fun, and it laid the foundation for what’s to come in the back half of Season 4. There were also a few cute moments between our favorite couple, but it was kind of nice to take a step back and let some of the other storylines shine. Regardless, here’s the “Olicity” Watch for 4×12, “Unchained”:



Olicity was in the background this episode, but I did not mind one bit as we get Roy back (yay!), a cool villain who turns out to be Felicity’s dad, and a Nyssa/Tatsu team up. I didn’t even realize that my soul was craving a scene between these two badass ladies until it happened, but now I am sold. Can we please give them a spinoff already?!

It’s the Oliver Queen guilt hour this week, where he (hopefully) learns a much-needed lesson about finally letting people make their own decisions. Star City should make an “It’s my life, it’s my choice,” pin to wear around Oliver Queen. Or at least have a running tally of how many times every character says it over the years. Roy = 10-ish. Thea = 20. Felicity = 29,348,209,385. Anyway, a new computer-whiz villain called The Calculator is blackmailing Roy. Of course this is Felicity’s dad, only she doesn’t know that as they go head-to-head to try and save/destroy the city. Thea ends up in bed and then in a coma in the hospital from the effects of the Lazarus Pit, though it looks like Nyssa has a cure for her. The only catch? Oliver has to kill Malcolm.

Felicity’s dad! #mindblown sometimesallyouneedisone.tumblr.com

There were a lot of stories going on this week—including Felicity dealing with confidence issues at work—but somehow it all worked. Even the flashbacks were bearable, as they mostly featured a hallucination of Shado and very little of that boring Russian girl. Keep up the good work, Arrow! And also, keep up all the winking-couple moments. I’ll gladly take Olicity in small doses if they’re always this adorable.

Olicity Moments:

  • Felicity is all cute about her codename and I just adore the exasperated-but-crazy-in-love way Oliver talks to her over comms. It’s basically his patented Felicity voice and somehow I still swoon every time. In the lair, he offers to support her in her meeting at Palmer Tech (let’s change the name already, ‘aight?). She turns him down, but they seem so stable and loving and married as they smile at each other and go about their business.
  • Roy’s back in the lair and Oliver and Felicity are busy exchanging couple-glances where they have entire conversations with only a look. So cute! Oliver’s guilt is in high gear this week over Thea, Roy, that blade of grass he stepped on once, and thankfully Roy calls him out on it (and Felicity. And Dig. And the grass.). Later, Oliver and Felicity talk about tech, but who really cares because he grabs her arm, she grabs his arm, and they kind of slide down to hold hands. Their constant forearm touching is going to be the death of me. Then she winks at him and I am now officially dead. Bury me somewhere nice, please.
  • The Calculator reveals his evil plan to take down Star City (get in line, buddy), and Dig and Oliver try to talk Felicity through the tech. It’s kind of perverse, but I could watch her snap at the two of them all day long. Then she goes and banters with Curtis and why is this guy not a series regular yet? I love everything about him.
  • Felicity gives a speech at Palmer Tech and Oliver stares at her adoringly. It’s pretty awesome how often they get to pridefully gaze at each other this season. But if there’s anything lacking in their relationship (*cough* trust *cough*) it is definitely not pride. Oliver praises her after the meeting, they kiss, HE WINKS, and they are so in love it’s stupid. Then Felicity runs into her dad and suddenly I cannot wait for 4×13.

Kiss Count: One. It was casual, sweet, natural and easy. This might be my favorite type of Olicity.


Best Moment: Wink, wink. It’s technically two separate scenes, but Olicity winking at each other is my new religion. Felicity has always managed to bring out Oliver’s winky side, but this season the playfulness is on another level.


Steamy or Loving or Overshadowed: Look, I love Olicity. Clearly. But as far as I’m concerned, the love-story of the night goes to Thea and Roy, or “Theroy.” That ending scene killed me, especially when she urged him to live a normal life, get married and have kids. “If I could do all of this over again, I would do every single one of those things with you,” he tells her. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up.


Honestly, it was kind of nice having Olicity as a strong, loving undercurrent again and not in the spotlight. They weren’t an angst bomb, nor were they working through something in their relationship. They were just being there for each other, quietly, strongly and respectfully. These two were friends first, and it shows in all of their interactions. They don’t just love each other, they like each other—which is a pretty important distinction.

Now we’ve got Felicity’s dad in the mix, Nyssa with a cure for Thea, and a looming showdown between Malcolm and Oliver. Next week can’t come fast enough.

Here’s next week’s promo for 4×13: “Sins of the Father”:


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