41+BOv7ivpLLove is blind. You don’t have to be. No matter which stage of a relationship you’re in, this book and companion mobile app can help guide you with some of the most important decisions of your life: * Are you aware of what you really need from a romantic relationship? * Do you want insight to make better decisions, and avoid relationship pitfalls? * Are you able to see the patterns and trends of where your relationship is headed? * Do you really know how well your most important needs are being met? * Is it time to consider ending a stormy relationship that won’t improve or is getting worse, or can you actually make it better? The Balanced Relationship Barometer, and innovative free mobile app Relationship Barometer, can help guide you through the often confusing maze of emotions and decisions, with clarity and insight, to achieve the relationship you deserve.


Meet the Author

Successful media and technology executive, MICHAEL GABRIEL, author of THE BALANCED RELATIONSHIP BAROMETER, applies his innovative business insights to the challenge of sustaining loving and successful relationships. The book, and its revolutionary free mobile app, the Relationship Barometer, can better enable people to achieve fulfilling and lasting partnerships customized to their specific needs—whether currently working at an existing relationship, or seeking a new one.  People track their fitness and financial health, so why not have an app that tracks the health of their relationship? It can help become more aware of “Gotta Have” and “Gotta Not Have” needs supporting their companionship goals. Throughout Gabriel’s senior executive leadership roles at HBO, NBC, the NBA and EMI Records Group, he is an innovator who solved complex challenges, an inventor on five media and entertainment technology patents, and a founding executive leader of the industry transforming HBO GO Internet initiative.