Hilarious (and Cringe-worthy) First Date Tales from Your Favorite Romance Authors

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First dates are typically never fun. They’re awkward and sometimes painful, but always memorable. Just ask these five romance authors who have experienced both the highs and lows of first dates. Here, Maisey Yates, B.J. Daniels, Lori Foster, Jennifer Probst and Jodi Thomas share their funny, sweet and nightmare tales about their first dates.

So if you’re heading out on a first date this Valentine’s Day, just remember that no matter what happens, you’re definitely not the first person to experience a cringe-worthy night. Or you just might meet your husband. It’s a toss up, really. Happy Valentine’s Day!

0216_MaiseyYates_Hom244E9B-260x411maisey-yatesMaisey Yates

A co-worker and I decided to go on a date once. I knew it wasn’t off to the best start when his mom had to drop him off in the parking lot of a thrift store to meet me (turned out he didn’t drive yet. And was younger than me…). We went to the thrift store and he bought me a giant wooden spoon. Then I drove him home. That was our first…and last date.



bj danielsB.J. Daniels

One of my first dates (sweet 16) was to the Date Festival Fair in Southern California. My date talked me into riding the Tilt-A-Whirl. I was deathly sick the rest of the date. I had told him I really didn’t do those kinds of rides, but he was determined it would be fun. Needless to say, it was our one and only date.




lori-foster-1lori-fosterLori Foster

My first date with my husband was over the phone. I met him on the third day of our sophomore year of high school. The second I saw him, I knew, so when I got home I called him. We talked for 6 hours. It was, obviously, pre-cordless phones, which meant I carried the kitchen receiver with the loooong cord over to the basement steps for privacy. Plus, no call-waiting, so while we talked, no one else could use the phone either. The rest is history! I haven’t really dated anyone other than him – not that I can remember – and that was a pretty long time ago, since we’re now been married almost 38 years.


jennifer-probost-image3_1001_2016_Jennifer-Probst_300dpi-200x300Jennifer Probst

Ah, so many first date stories to choose from–and most of them more like a horror movie than chick flick! One that stands out in particular is a dinner date with a man who picked me up, and immediately told me I needed to be quiet because he had been at work all day and wanted to listen to music. Though strange, I obeyed, and when the Stevie Wonder song, “Ribbon in the Sky,” came on, he began singing it at the top of his lungs and crying real tears. For real. By the time we got to dinner, I already wanted to go home, but I had to suffer through an egotist dialogue and watch chicken parm get stuck to his chin. You can watch a replay of this date in the opening scene of my book, Searching for Someday. Yeah. It was real.


jodi-thomasjodi-thomasJodi Thomas

My first date was with my husband. We were college freshman. He was a blazer kind of guy and I was moccasins and jeans. So to get ready, I put a dress and heels out and jeans and a sweater. The plan was to wait at my parents’ big window facing the front walk. I’d peep out of the curtains. When he got out of his car, I’d see what he was wearing, dart down the hall and dress.

The sun was setting and in my eyes. I was nervous as he climbed out of the car. My father, who was almost completely blind, stepped in his bedroom and heard something. “Who is in here?” he said as he turned on the light. I jerked. The drapes came down and I’m standing there in my underwear. My husband and I laugh about it now but I thought I’d die. He says he knew he was going to marry me that night.

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