In the fast-paced society we live in today, sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy what life has to offer us. But there are times that we’re reminded of the important things in life like family, friends and love. Whether you’re single, dating or completely off the market, these five hot new books may be just what your heart needs right now.

Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game, Jon Birger (Workman Publishing, August 2015)

Date-Onomics-jon-birgerThermometers“The author…provides fascinating evidence to show how and why dating and mating culture in America has changed in the 21st century.” Kirkus Reviews

Heat Index: There’s a perfectly good reason as to why you haven’t met the man of your dreams yet and Date-onomics has the numbers to prove it. From stats to graphs to good ol’ calculations, Birger lays out the real reasons you can’t find “the one.” And no, it’s not because “he’s just not that into you.” As someone who’s lived that big city life and is still single, this kept me interested and even answered some burning questions. Worth the read!

Temperature: 87°

Choose Your Own Love Story: (Mis)Adventures in Love, Lust, and Happy Endings, Ilyse Mimoun (Running Press, December 2015)

choose-your-own-love-story-ilyse-mimounThermometers“…perfect for anyone who’s still searching for the right one this Valentine’s Day. Who needs a boyfriend when you can create the perfect one?” —BookPage

Heat Index: For those who always wish they could get a do-over, this adorable book puts the reader in the driver’s seat. With a story that can end 20 different ways, what isn’t there to love? As sweet as it is hilarious, it’s Choose Your Own Adventure, but for those who like happy endings and romantic entanglements!

Temperature: 88°

The American Lover, Rose Tremain (W.W. Norton & Co., January 25, 2016)

the-american-lover-rose-tremainThermometers“The breadth of subjects and settings is matched by Tremain’s exquisite prose. Readers might just want to take a break between stories, to savor the language and the images.” Publishers Weekly

Heat Index: In this collection of lovely short stories, we meet Tremain’s group of characters in different times of their lives who are each experiencing a range of human emotions. Heart, truth and desire live within the pages of The American Lover and it’s one you’ll be re-reading again and again.

Temperature: 90°

The Two of Us, Andy Jones (Washington Square Press, February 9, 2016)

the-two-of-us-andy-jonesThermometers“Jones’s debut novel is a mesmerizing tale of modern love…captivating and funny; highly recommended.” Library Journal, starred review

Heat Index: Fisher and Ivy have found their soulmate in one another. There’s only one small problem: they know next to nothing about each other in the 19 days they’ve been together. Over the course of a year, they’ll find that falling in love was simple, but figuring out a life together is where it gets tricky. I fell for these two the moment I started reading it. I laughed and loved, and highly recommend you take the journey, too.

Temperature: 94°

Tender: A Novel, Belinda McKeon (Lee Boudreaux Books, February 16, 2016)

tender-belinda-mckeonThermometers“This insanely beautiful novel digs deep uncovering so much truth below the surface, … and if you do cry, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Bustle

Heat Index: Catherine, a sheltered college student and James, an adventurous artist, could not be more opposite. When they meet in Dublin, they become fast friends and soon James is urging Catherine to step out of her shell and live life to the fullest. But what happens when the roles reverse and tragedy strikes? Terror, betrayal and excitement take hold in this Irish fiction novel about human relationships and the road to adulthood.

Temperature: 97°