Battle ‘Ships: The Originals’ Klayley vs. Klamille

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Can we please talk about how awesome Klaus Mikaelson is as a character? When we first met him on The Vampire Diaries, viewers were immediately intrigued by the sexy bad boy with a long history of questionable deeds (he is an immortal vampire, after all) and a hidden soft side he only shows to a select few. Now that he’s on his own show, The Originals, he’s even better – that soft side is a little more pronounced without losing the evil-vampire edge we’ve come to know and love. He’s the kind of guy who might make out with you, compel you to forget it, snap your neck in a fit of rage, and then feel bad about it later. That shouldn’t be as hot as it is.

We’ve already featured Klaus on Battle ‘Ships, when we pitted him against Stefan for Caroline’s love. Just guess who won that battle (hint: it wasn’t nice-guy Stefan). But alas, Caroline and Klaus are currently on different shows, and though there’s a much-anticipated crossover event coming soon between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (where Klaus will hear about Caroline’s supernatural pregnancy), we’re not holding out much hope for those two– right now. Plus, Klaus is busy heating up New Orleans with his own ladyloves. One, the hybrid Hayley, is the mother of his child and romantically entangled with his brother. The other is Camille, the sharp-tongued bartender/psych-grad/recently-turned-vampire who Klaus has been drawn to from the start of the series. Based on current episodes, Cami seems like the front-runner, but the endgame is still far away. Who do we ultimately prefer Klaus with? Let’s break it down:

“Klayley”: Klaus and Hayley

Klaus and Hayley’s love story started back on The Vampire Diaries when they spent one passionate night together that culminated in their daughter Hope. Klaus is pretty cutthroat with most people, so it’s gratifying to see how much he has grown to care about Hope – and, consequently, Hayley. In the beginning, he was simply trying to protect Hayley from the witches, or whatever else might be threatening his unborn child. But they slowly built up a mutual respect, with signs that it might become more (like with Klaus’ jealousy over Elijah, or the tender way he held her after she was killed in season 1). They learned how to laugh together, and how to work together for Hope’s sake.

Yeah, OK, things kind of fell apart when Hayley ran off with their kid and Klaus cursed her. But I have a feeling they’ll soon become close again and figure out how to finally trust each other. There’s no real romantic-love between them yet, but there’s a lot of potential, including strong chemistry and some pretty adorable family moments surrounding their daughter:

“Klamille”: Klaus and Camille

From the first episode, Klaus was instantly intrigued by the compassionate, strong-willed bartender Camille, and he used every excuse to keep her around. She became his sounding board, his conscience (however much he has of one) and his genuine friend. There were always sparks of romance between the two, despite how much Klaus compelled and manipulated her into doing his bidding. Still, by episode four he’s actually tearing up at the thought of taking away her memories. For a character who regularly knives his siblings in the chest, that’s pretty remarkable. He always seems extra careful with Cami, as if she’s something precious he needs to protect. He’s drawn to her humanity and her strength, and when he thought he lost her in 3×09, he emotionally fell apart.

Season 3 has been both satisfying and rough for the fledgling couple: they finally kissed, Cami was compelled into cutting her own throat and Klaus tried to manipulate her into becoming a vampire. Her bloodlust is on the rise, and Klaus isn’t necessarily a good influence. Will this ‘ship die out just as it’s getting started? We’ll have to wait and find out. In the meantime, here’s a speech from 3×09 to help keep the ‘ship alive:

Verdict: Can I still vote for Klaus/Caroline? No? OK, well I know it’s a polarizing ‘ship, but I might be coming down on side “Klamille” here. I get why some fans are put off by the character of Cami (the stubbornness is strong in that one. And sometimes I just find her kind of…annoying), but the way Klaus is so protective of her is pretty undeniable. Their relationship is the only one that’s actually canon on the show, which means we get to see a love story that has slowly developed over time.

Do I think “Klayley” has potential? Sure, it could. It doesn’t help that I’m a HUGE Elijah/Hayley shipper. Also, there’s a lot of bad blood between “Klayley”, and it would take a lot to build up love and trust to make their romance believable. “Klamille” is different: while most characters are quick to see the bad in Klaus, Cami only ever tries to find the good. Which is why it makes sense that Klaus cares about her so much. He’s used to being seen as the villain (usually for good reason) and he must find solace in a person who always believes in his humanity. Who knows where the story will head now that Cami is a vampire, but I’m more than ready to go along for the ride.

Who do you think Klaus should end up with? Vote below!

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