Valentine’s Day is coming up. Either you’re a romantic who loves all the hearts everywhere, or you’re not looking forward to your loneliness-induced hangover. Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day lover or hater, Amy Webb’s talk from TEDSalon NY 2013 will put a smile on your face. Webb, who specializes in big data, tells the story of the way she used her knowledge of algorithms to hack the online dating scene – with surprising results. This talk is undeniably hilarious, heartwarming and uplifting – the perfect way to greet one of the most dreamy and polarizing holidays.

Recommended Reading:

data-a-love-story-amy-webbData, A Love Story: How I Cracked The Online Dating Code To Meet My Match (Plume, 2014)

Webb’s book tells largely the same story as her talk – a tale of relentless data crunching in search of her one true love online.