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Swash_ornamentDear Reader,

newbooksmaller-contestThe Emerging Sensitive reveals a promising future for the gifted and gentle souls of the world.

It traces the roots and roles of sensitive people back to the earliest civilizations exploring what the future holds as the culture shifts to a more HSP-friendly stage. Filled with resources and confidence building techniques, The Emerging Sensitive provides sensitive people with the perspective and tools to create an enriching life.

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Swash_ornamentDear Readers,

deadofsummerI enjoyed drawing on my own experiences from African safaris and my hippie days at Woodstock for Dead of Summer.

This gripping suspense novel plunges attorney Alexa Williams into the dangerous world of sex trafficking. Weaving together threads of violence against women that span continents and decades, the story follows Alexa’s quest to expose an evil that’s hiding in plain sight. Bestselling author Steve Berry calls it “an intense battle of wits that heats up every page.”

Sherry-Knowlton-ITWI’m giving away five books. Write me at – to win!

Sherry Knowlton


Dear Reader,

1001 Dark Nights_Lara Adrian_300dpiI’m delighted to present my newest Midnight Breed novella, STROKE OF MIDNIGHT. As it often happens, a secondary character pops to life so vividly, I have no choice but to take a closer look and see where it leads me.

In the case of mysterious Jehan, the story led me to an exotic villa oasis and an ancient handfast ritual the prodigal vampire prince cannot refuse. Jehan doesn’t want a mate, but can he resist the call of his blood when he meets laraadrianbeautiful Seraphina?

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