As a huge Arrow fan, I’m freaking out just a little over the latest spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow, premiering January 21 on The CW. Well, OK, maybe I’m freaking out A LOT. But can you blame me?


Time travel! Romance! Hot guys in leather! I can’t wait. If you are new to The Flarrow universe (that’s Arrow and its spinoff, The Flash) don’t worry, I’ve got you covered —especially as these TV characters vary a bit from their comic book counterparts. Here’s a complete Flarrow guide to the many, many superheroes that make up the Legends team:

Ray Palmer as The Atom

ray-palmer-the-atom-legendsFlarrow Backstory: Ray Palmer first showed up on Arrow last year as the brilliant billionaire who stole Queen Consolidated out from under Oliver Queen. Then he stole Felicity Smoak out from under Oliver Queen as well. In the end, Felicity chose Oliver, but not before Ray got his ATOM suit to work and had it blow up. This season on Arrow we discovered he wasn’t really dead, but only miniaturized and being held captive by Damien Darhk.

Why He’s Awesome: Now that he’s not trying to steal Felicity away from Oliver, I have much fonder feelings toward Ray. He’s nerdy, quirky, talks a lot, and is basically a hot dude version of Felicity. Plus his ATOM suit turns him into an Iron Man who can shrink. Will that actually be useful? Only time will tell.


Sara Lance as The White Canary

legends-of-tommorrow-white-canary-poster-400x600Flarrow Backstory: Sara Lance started out on Arrow as the girl who snuck off on a yacht with her sister’s boyfriend. We all know how that turned out, and after a crappy year on the island with Oliver, Sara became a member of the League of Assassins. She eventually made her way back to Starling, became the Black Canary, died — this time officially — and was brought back to life by her sister, Laurel, in the Lazarus Pit. Her resurrection wasn’t without complications, though. Not only did the Arrow gang have to go searching for her soul (long story), she’s now finding it pretty hard to contain her bloodlust. I have a feeling this will become a major plot point on Legends.

Why She’s Awesome: For a character with such inauspicious beginnings who was also a love interest for Oliver, Sara was prime to become hated by fans. But Caity Lotz won everyone over with her sensitive — but badass! — portrayal of a deeply damaged survivor. She’s also an awesome fighter, and her stunts are some of the best in the whole Flarrow universe. The White Canary is a villain in the comic books, so I’m excited to see how they work her in to the Legends gang.

Professor Martin Stein as Firestorm

firestorm-martin-steinFlarrow Backstory: Stein is a brilliant scientist who goes missing on The Flash after the STAR Labs particle collider explodes. But he’s not actually missing at all — he’s merged bodies with nuclear engineer Ronnie Raymond and the two have become Firestorm (basically, they can manipulate subatomic particles and turn into a giant ball of fire that flies). After Ronnie sacrifices his life to save his city, it becomes clear that Stein is unstable without merging with another being. Which is where Jax Jackson comes in.

Why He’s Awesome: First of all, Victor Garber is awesome in everything he does. Secondly, the gravitas of his character plays off the goofiness of The Flash exceedingly well. Here’s hoping that same chemistry makes its way over to Legends.


 Jefferson “Jax” Jackson as Firestorm

-Jefferson-Jax-Jackson-Poster-dcs-legends-of-tomorrow-39136936-1000-1500Flarrow Backstory: When Professor Stein needs a new body to merge his powers with, Jax is one of only two possible matches. At first he’s reluctant to take on the responsibility, but he eventually becomes inspired by the story of Ronnie and by his own desire to save Stein’s life. After Dr. Henry Hewitt, Stein’s first choice, goes nuts, Stein and Jax work to stop him as Jax becomes better acquainted with his new Firestorm powers.

Why He’s Awesome: Whereas Ronnie was a scientist like Stein, Jax is a former athlete turned car mechanic. He’s down-to-earth, young and motivated in ways that Stein isn’t. I’m curious to see how the two play off one another.


 Rip Hunter

legends-of-tomorrow-rip-hunterFlarrow Backstory: None — aside from a brief mention on The Flash. This character is solely reserved for Legends.

Why He’s Awesome: I would watch Arthur Davill read the phonebook, so having him as a hot time traveler again (helllooooo Doctor Who fans!) is icing on the cake. But unlike Rory, his kind-of-wimpy character on Doctor Who, Rip Hunter is full of swagger, confidence, and secretly stressed out by all the responsibility of time travel. He promises to be the guiding force behind the Legends team, and I’m swooning just thinking about it.



Leonard Snart as Captain Cold

legends-of-tomorrow-captain-cold-poster-400x600Flarrow Backstory: Snart is an expert thief who gains meta-human-like powers when he gets control of Cisco’s cold gun. He runs up against Barry and The Flash team several times and tries to expose the Flash’s real identity while also just generally stealing stuff. But his cold personality begins to warm a bit when he saves Barry’s life and warns the team about a possible threat.

Why He’s Awesome: I love a sort-of-reformed bad guy you’re never quite sure you can trust. Snart’s ruthlessly calm personality is the perfect addition to the Legends team — especially because he seems like he could turn at any moment. Will he play nice? Does he still have a light inside him like Barry thinks? We’ll just have to wait to find out.


 Mick Rory as Heat Wave

DCs-Legends-of-Tomorrow-Mick-RoryFlarrow Backstory: Snart and Mick worked a job together where Mick ended up horrifically burned. Later, Snart gave him a heat gun, which is pretty much just a giant flamethrower, and the two of them attempted to steal a valuable painting. But Mick is a pyromaniac with a hard time staying focused and he and Snart clashed at every turn. Snart’s sister saved Mick from prison time, but it will be interesting to see how he ends up with Snart on Legends.

Why He’s Awesome: Where Snart is cold and calculating, Mick is, well, hot. And I don’t just mean on the eyes — he’s hot tempered, tough, and rough around the edges. The two of them are barely civil together, so watching that dynamic on Legends should definitely be a good time.


 Kendra Saunders as Hawkgirl

550_legends_hawk_girl_posterFlarrow Backstory: Originally introduced as a love interest for Cisco on The Flash, Kendra’s unknown past-life caught up with her on the Flarrow crossover event at the end of last season. It turns out she’s a reincarnated Egyptian priestess named Chay-Ara who has been locked in a never-ending cycle of falling in love with her soulmate Carter Hull and getting murdered by Legends Big Bad Vandal Savage so he can stay immortal. Oh, and she grows wings.

Why She’s Awesome: I’m a sucker for past-life soulmates who meet over and over through the centuries, so I cannot wait to watch the love story play out between Kendra and Carter. The fact that she’s a little wary of him is even better. Plus those wings!


 Carter Hull as Hawkman

DCs-Legends-of-Tomorrow-Carter-HallFlarrow Backstory: Carter shows up in the Flarrow crossover to find and protect Kendra from Savage. He already has memories from his past-life as Egyptian prince Khufu and he works to help Kendra remember her life as well. Oh, and he also grows wings.

Why He’s Awesome: Not only is he stupid hot, but there’s that whole devoted-to-Kendra-soulmate-thing that I can’t get enough of. Also, there was this moment on The Flash where he just casually pushed Kendra off the roof and peered over it as she fell. It was so unexpected and perfectly timed that I laughed out loud. I have high hopes for these two.




Phew! That’s a lot of characters. But I trust the Flarrow-verse to handle it well. Though now I suppose this whole universe needs a new name. Legends of Flarrow? Leflarrow? I’ll leave it up to the experts, and, in the meantime, I’ll just be impatiently waiting for January 21 to arrive.