ask-me-anything-coverThe feeling of opening a new book is still as comforting as it is exhilarating, even in the age of e-readers and tablets. It’s no surprise then that Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” website, has published its own bookAsk Me Anything: Vol. 1 (Reddit Inc., 2015), a collection of interviews from Reddit’s r/IAmA forum, where celebrities, politicians and interesting people from all walks of life take questions from the site’s 36 million users. President Barack Obama, comedian Louis C.K. and a nuclear missile operator are among many the interviewees featured in the new book, which also contains dynamic illustrations.

After a controversial summer where CEO Ellen Pao resigned over user backlash resulting from the abrupt firing of Reddit employee Victoria Taylor (who ran the r/IAmA department), Reddit seems to be recovering nicely with the publication of this charming coffee table book. Even though all of the written content in Ask Me Anything is easily accessible on the website itself, the fact that it’s being presented in a book format is a testament to the idea that nothing beats flipping through beautiful pages – not even the enticing glow of a computer screen.

For more on the book, read Michael Rosenwald’s piece on Ask Me Anything in The Washington Post.