Photos, Videos and Books Inspiring Us on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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As we honor the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we look to him for the inspiration we need to continue his work. Racial justice, voting rights, equality, the eradication of poverty and peace in our time are goals he believed in and still worth striving for. To help us go the distance, we’re sharing the items that inspired us from around the Web this MLK Day.


The View from the Heavens

There’s nothing like a view from a space station of Dr. King’s hometown of Atlanta to make clear just how small our world really is and how much we need one another. To honor King, NASA astronauts Scott Kelly, Tim Kopra and European Space Agency astronaut Time Peake will be off-duty today.

Atlanta from space station
Atlanta from Space Station

Voices Raised in Song

This beautiful rendition of the James Taylor song, “Shed a Little Light,” takes place in front the MLK memorial on the mall in Washington, DC. It’s been on heavy rotation today in our office.

The Martin Luther King Bibliography

Everyone knows Dr. King’s oratorical masterpiece “I Had a Dream” and the letter that moved the hearts and minds of millions of people—“Letter from Birmingham Jail.” But he was a prolific writer with five books and more than 450 speeches a year to his credit. CNN shared the most important works you don’t know. Here are the books that Dr. King wrote:

Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story (Harper & Row, 1958) The story of the Montgomery bus boycott and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

Stride cover

Strength to Love (Harper & Row, 1963) A collection of Dr. King’s most famous sermons.

Strength cover

Why We Can’t Wait (Harper & Row, 1963) The essential writings of Dr. King edited by James M. Washington.

Wait cover

Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? (Harper & Row, 1967) An Assessment of America’s priorities and a warning that they need to be reordered.

Where cover

The Trumpet of Conscience (Harper & Row, 1968) A collection of lectures from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It contains a foreword by Coretta Scott King.

Trumpet cover

New Book from an Eyewitness

My Time with the Kings: A Reporter’s Recollection of Martin, Coretta and the Civil Rights Movement
by Kathryn Johnson (Perfect Paperback; January 12, 2016)With the Kings cover

Associated Press reporter Kathryn Johnson had unprecedented access to the King family and after Martin’s assassination, she was the only journalist Coretta would let into her home. This memoir recalls her eyewitness account of covering the Civil Rights Movement across the South as one of the very few female journalists.

Walking in his Footsteps

One of the best ways to honor the memory of Dr. King is through a National Day of Service and carrying on the fight for justice and equality. Here’s a list we love about six ways to honor his memory from Mashable.


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