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As you might already be aware, BookTrib has a new column called “Battle ‘Ships,” where we compare two relationships on a popular TV show (or book series) and let the fans engage, and vote for their favorites. With the epic return of The CW’s The 100 finally in sight (that was a long hiatus, guys) we thought it would be a fun experience for fans near and far to have Kass Morgan, author of The 100 book series, on BookTrib Live to chat with one of our staffers (who happens to be a die-hard The 100 fan). They’ll talk about the romantic entanglements (Bellarke, Clexa, Clexamy, Princess Mechanic, Kabby, really anyone and anything) in her books, as well as what’s happening on its TV counterpart. What’s even better than all of that? The fans can get in on the conversation, and submit questions of their own as they watch the interview!

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We can’t wait for you to join us for a respectful and quirky debate where we cover Kass’ book series, season 1 and 2 of the hit TV show and discuss the idea of “shipping” and its growing popularity among the book and entertainment community. Don’t get left up in space, the dropSHIP is about to land on BookTrib.

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Kass-Morgan_300pxKASS MORGAN has an unhealthy obsession with books that first manifested in third grade when she brought a copy of Mallory and the Dream Horse to her own birthday party. When she was ten, she moved from Brooklyn to Santa Monica, where kids thought she was strange for wearing so much black. Then she went back to the east coast for college, where kids thought she was strange for wearing so much pink.

Kass studied English and History at Brown University, reading gothic novels in the library where Edgar Allan Poe conducted secret love affairs, auditioning unsuccessfully for a number of plays, and learning important truths about walking on ice in high heels.

After college, Kass crossed the pond to pursue a Master’s degree in 19th century literature at Oxford, which was like attending Hogwarts, but with more costume parties. She returned to the states with a deep appreciation for clotted cream, a suitcase full of cocktail dresses, and a thesis on George Eliot that she has since misplaced.  

Kass settled in New York to work in publishing. When she’s not editing novels for young bookworms to sneak into their own birthday parties, you can find her jostling for table space at Brooklyn coffee shops, asking strangers if she can pet their dogs, and e-mailing her middle school crush to thank him for introducing her to science fiction, which turns out to be very fun to write.  The 100 is her first book for teens. Kass is currently working the sequel, which she’ll finish as soon as she can find a coffee shop that allows laptops on the weekend.

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