Could Your Short Story Get You on NPR?

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2016Writing-Contest-300wideMy first time listening to Selected Shorts on NPR was also my first real driveway moment. I was spellbound and couldn’t open the car door until I’d heard the rest of the story. There was something about a gifted actor reading a piece of fiction just meant to fit into a certain timeframe that was absolutely mesmerizing. Since then I’ve been absolutely hooked and attending a live recording at Symphony Space in New York City is on my “must see” list for 2016. And that story could even be yours.

Here’s how: Selected Shorts has just announced that the Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize writing competition is accepting stories of 750 words or less until midnight EST on March 15, 2016. The winner (decided by acclaimed author T.C. Boyle) will be announced in June and receive $1,000 and a free 10-week course with the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. In addition, it will be performed and recorded live at Symphony Space in New York City on June 8 and published on For all the details, take a look at the contest rules.

To inspire you, here’s an episode about families introduced by David Sedaris and featuring a short story by the author of Carol, Patricia Highsmith.

So get your fingers tapping. And may the best writer win!


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