Businesswoman eating from lunch box in officeYeah, it’s tough. Eating properly while on the run is a constant hurdle for those who put a premium on health. Work is as demanding as ever and you have less time than ever before. What to do?

Well, here are some simple, tasty and healthy options for the busy professional on the go.




1. Lunch in a jar

lunchinajarIt may sound odd but it has become quite the Pinterest phenomenon. You just pack your lunch ahead of time and when noon rolls around, you’ve got a ready-made – and decidedly healthy – lunch. The options are almost limitless and they’re not restricted to lunch, either. Here are 27 more ideas that encompass breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Shrimp Feta Cobb Salad sounds great!



2. Salads don’t have to be boring


Two things about salads: 1. They’re quick and easy, and 2. It’s too easy to turn them into something unhealthy. Pouring thick creamy dressing over ham, egg, cheese and croutons is sort of like putting light mayonnaise on a hamburger. One doesn’t cancel the other out. But there are hundreds of great salad ideas; just check out this host of Skinny Main-Dish Salads. If you can’t find something you want to eat in there, you just don’t like food.


3. Pack goodness in a pita pocket


When you’ve only got one hand free, the pita sandwich is a perfect option. Granted, you can fill a pita with whatever you wish, but there’s a reason it’s a common option for the health-conscious. Pita bread is loaded with healthful grains and it doesn’t have to be filled with tofu and sprouts. Never embarked on pita sandwich construction before? There are tons of great recipes to be found.


4. Smooooooothies


Who says smoothies are only for breakfast? When did that become an accepted fact? If you’re busy and you’ve got no time to cook or prepare anything, a smoothie is the perfect plan. Much like the pita pocket sandwich, you can put just about anything into a smoothie. You can mix things up; one day you can get your fruit fix, and the next you can sip some vegetable vigor. If you’re daring, you could even blend certain fruits and vegetables together. But if you need some guidance, visit


5. Brown-bagging it is almost always a better idea


You know, it almost doesn’t matter what you pack for lunch. There’s a 99 percent chance it’ll be healthier than eating out and given the immense portion sizes these days, there will be less food. On top of which, it’s amazingly expensive to keep getting take-out throughout the week, and it’s easy to have a few things in the fridge for lunches. You may not have time in the middle of the day to eat right, but you do have time the night before to pack up something decent. And if you want to get fancy, try upgrading the brown bag lunch.


Recommended Reading:

Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance by Marie-Josée Shaar and Kathryn Britton (Positive Psychology Press, 2011)


Using the “path of least resistance” to help you achieve your positive lifestyle change, this guide is extremely helpful for those with admitted willpower issues. If you always have an excuse for not exercising and failing to eat well, this book needs to be on your coffee table. Despite mounds of empirical data, the chapters are short and easy to read and the end result is a healthier, happier you.

Fresh Food Fast: The Ultimate Collection of Top-Rated Everyday Dishes  by the Editors of Cooking Light Magazine (Oxmoor House, 2013)


You’re lacking in time but not in professional motivation. You need quick recipes for any meal of the day, and you need that food to be healthy and tasty. That’s were the editors of Cooking Light magazine come into play; they deliver a boatload of fantastic recipes that prove the term “fast food” doesn’t have to be bad. There are soups, sandwiches and salads galore for quick lunch ideas, so put it in your kitchen and make your life easier.