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Dear Reader,

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Swash_ornamentteasedDear Reader:

Chalton Reese has been in the Dark Protector books for years as a secondary but much trusted character.  Although he’s surprised when the king sends him on a mission to stop a curvy, sexy, stubborn journalist from printing any more articles about possible vampires, he does his duty…and then some.  The Dark Protector series has hit several lists and done well, but truth be told, I just wanted to tell Chalton’s story, and I’m thrilled to have had the chance.  I hope you like it.



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DragonKingDear Reader –

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write a series about dragons. I got that chance with the Dark Kings when my publisher asked me to spin-off my Dark Sword/Dark Warrior world. I mentioned dragons, and they said yes.

In DRAGON KING you’ll get to see some familiar faces that have become a part of the series, as well as being introduced to one of the Dragon Kings woken from his sleep – Arian.

Remember, follow the magic!

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dig-two-graves-thumbDear Readers –

Years ago, I saw the Brad Pitt movie Seven and it scared the life out of me.

I wanted to write a mystery like that – a smart thriller, minus the gore, with riddles and a hero you ache for.

Dig Two Graves is that book – about an Olympic hero whose daughter is kidnapped.

Mystery queen Deborah Crombie calls it a “gripping, can’t-put-it-down read.”

kim-powers1-thumbAdri Trigiani has called my work “personal and powerful”; Diane Sawyer has called it “riveting.”

My hero has to solve the 12 Labors of Hercules, so tell me 12 fun things about yourself to win a free copy!

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See you between the covers!

Mr. Kim Powers


tippingpointDear Reader,

Captain Dan Lenson’s under fire at sea and in Washington. His command of the Fleet’s first antiballistic-missile cruiser is threatened when someone begins assaulting female crewmembers. As a showdown begins between India and Pakistan, Savo Island stands between two nations on the brink of theater nuclear war. I’m proud of what’s now the longest-running US Navy series in history. Write me at [email protected], and tell me why you should win a copy of TIPPING POINT!

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