“Olicity” Watch Special Edition: Reincarnated Soul Mates and The Flash ‘Ships “Olicity”!

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

It has become tradition now for a December sweeps Flarrow crossover event, with The Flash and Arrow converging in two back-to-back episodes. Though this first installment was a bit all over the place, I’ll take my “Olicity” anyway I can get it, and Legends of Today more than delivered on that front. So in honor of all the kissing and Barry clearly shipping “Olicity” as much as I do, we’re doing a two-part Watch this week. Here’s our first “Olicity” roundup for The Flash: 2×08:

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Team Flash is dealing with a mystical villain named Vandal Savage who’s oddly focused on Cisco’s new girlfriend Kendra. Realizing he needs more help, Barry, Cisco and Kendra travel to Star City to seek out Oliver and the gang. Hijinks ensue as the two groups converge, including Thea and Diggle providing hilarious commentary on all the supernatural stuff (Thea: “Did I know we knew the Flash?”), Felicity being uber-Felicty, Oliver being all over said Felicity, Kendra realizing she has wings, and her soulmate-for-centuries showing up to throw her off a building. Also, Malcolm Merlyn constantly appearing out of the darkness, magical staffs, Harrison Wells with a bullet in his chest, and a new serum for Barry. Phew! There was a lot going on, and it took me until the end to even realize that certain characters were missing (*cough* Laurel *cough*).

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A lot of the plot felt shoehorned in—why was Malcolm there again? —but it was an effective introduction to Hawkgirl and her Hawkman, the final two characters slated to appear in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. It did make me realize we have a lot of characters floating around now, and sometimes less might be more. But regardless, Oliver and Felicity were so affectionate that I could almost picture The Flash writers rubbing their hands together in glee and drawing hearts around “Olicity” on their scripts. Tomorrow’s episode also promises plenty of drama for our main couple as the now-giant gang meets up in Central City and Oliver finally realizes he has a son. My heart already can’t take the angst I know is coming, but for now let’s revel in the sweetness which was last night’s episode.

“Olicity” Moments:

Right before Barry shows up to save the day, Team Arrow is once again fighting Damien Darhk. They use a cool magnetic arrow, which is made infinitely better when Felicity starts imitating Oliver over the comms, calling him “my love,” and generally talking about how great she is. She doesn’t think they can hear, which makes it hilarious when Oliver tells her to stop, calling her honey in the process. PET NAMES YOU GUYS. I’m dead.

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cr: arthurdrvill.tumblr.com

Oliver brings Barry and friends down to the new lair where everyone is rightly appreciative of all the shiny bright lights. Felicity hugs Barry, then punches him, then hugs him again and Oliver makes a joke (I just can’t get used to this new wise-cracking Ollie) about Felicity bruising him more than Deathstroke. IN THE BEDROOM TOO, OLIVER? Shut up, we’re all thinking it. Felicity and Oliver could not be more married as he starts to yell at Barry for bringing a meta human to their doorstep and she rubs his arm to calm him down, suggesting they head back “to our place” for drinks. SQUUEEE! Also, this perfectly parallels The Flash scene from last year where Oliver is being a jerk and Felicity reminds him that they’re all friends. I love how she’s always the one who can calm him down, and it once again highlights how she’s his moral compass, the living metaphor of his humanity.

The gang is having drinks, making jokes, and toasting each other in the “Olicity” loft and the domesticity of this entire scene just kills me. Oliver keeps touching Felicity and kissing her on the forehead. He and Barry talk about how “being with Felicity has brought [him] a real sense of peace,” and he admits he was wrong about that whole we-don’t-get-the-girl thing. It’s every ‘shipper’s dream moment, and I swear all these writers are just trolling us at this point. Then the bad guy shows up and wrecks everything.

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After several fight scenes and Kendra falling off a building (the moment where Carter, her supposed soulmate, pushes her off is just so funny. These two would sell me on Legends alone.), Oliver decides to head to Central City with Barry. When Felicity expresses her concern, Barry tells him to “kiss her,” Oliver complies, and I faint a little on my couch. It’s a perfect ‘shipper episode—until Oliver sees his son at the end and puts two-and-two together. Oh, the angst is coming people.


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Kiss Count: One liplock, plus one forehead smooch. Yay! You can just tell that The Flash writers were dying to make Oliver and Felicity kiss. Bonus points that Barry is the one who tells them to go at it. Like Diggle (and pretty much everyone else in the universe), he is clearly team “Olicity”. I love it.

Best Moment: The kiss is pretty great, I’m not gonna lie. But the best moment has to be when Oliver tells Barry he was wrong about them not getting the girl. It was a nice throwback to our last Flarrow-fest, and it also showed how much Oliver has changed in a year. He’s no longer the stubborn, dark, brooding anti-hero we started with, and the way he walked away right after admitting he was wrong was especially hilarious. The Flash has always had a lighter tone than Arrow and it was nice to see how well Arrow Season 4 worked with that easy humor and levity.

Steamy or Loving: I love when Felicity and Oliver show how married they already are. From “our place” to forehead kisses to soothing arm rubs, these two are it for each other. I can’t even imagine Oliver with anyone else at this point, and the way that Laurel so seamlessly lifted out of the plot just highlights how far this show has come from Season 1. Oliver and Felicity are so mature in how they tackle their problems this season that I refuse to believe a secret baby can tear them apart. So bring on the love-child angst, Legends of Yesterday. I’m ready for you.

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Check back in tomorrow for this week’s second edition of “Olicity” Watch for Arrow 4×08: Legends of Yesterday!


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