“Olicity” Watch Part 2: Oh No, They Didn’t! Olicity Heads for Troubled Waters

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Grrrr. This was a rough one. Character development went out the window in favor of cheap, manufactured drama this week. Oliver Queen is not looking good right now and “Olicity” is skating on thinner ice than it has in…maybe forever. After seven episodes of a flawlessly handled relationship, the writers have decided to start blowing stupid, stupid holes in our ‘ship. Fine. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

In all its imperfect glory, here’s our “Olicity” Watch for Arrow 4×08: Legends of Yesterday:


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Team Arrow and Team Flash work together to try and stop Vandal Savage from destroying the city. Kendra has to learn to control her powers, as Savage demands the two reincarnated lovers be brought to him. Their first attempt at stopping him fails and the entire city is destroyed and everyone dies. Barry goes back in time to fix things and though he’s wary about the consequences, he tells Oliver what happened in the previous timeline. The gang ends up saving the day, but not without Oliver lying to Felicity TWICE about the fact that he has a son. Great. Awesome. I’ll just be over here chugging wine and waiting for this godforsaken storyline to be over.

At the very least, this made me smile… a little.

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Olicity Moments:

Felicity knows something is up with Oliver and asks him what’s going on. He puts her off, but promises to tell her all about it once he knows the full story (LYING LIAR WHO LIES).



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Because she is oh-so-smart, Felicity figures out what’s going on and confronts Oliver with the fact he has a kid. At this point, the kid’s mom has already unreasonably asked Oliver not to tell anyone—including his girlfriend—about William. The whole request makes no sense, but whatever. Felicity is pissed and the two of them have it out about Oliver lying to her. It’s heartbreaking. She says she can’t be with him if he doesn’t trust her and Oliver is visibly rattled as he goes back into the house and tries to get into Green Arrow mode. He’s clearly off his game and it doesn’t take long for everyone to get vaporized. Well, there’s that at least: my ‘ship breaks up and an entire city dies. So maybe let’s keep them together? Please?

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Time gets rewound, they destroy Savage and everyone else survives. Barry urges Oliver to tell Felicity the truth. Good luck with that, buddy. Back home in their loft, Felicity asks Oliver to tell her what he’s been hiding, making a cute speech about them being a team. He lies and cuddles her instead. Thanks for ruining cuddles for me, Oliver. Felicity hugs him back, but the look on her face is pensive and not happy. This is such a classic TV moment and we can all tell where this is heading from that look alone. Oliver is an idiot, I officially might hate the Arrow writers, and my precious cupcake Felicity deserves better than this crap.

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Kiss Count: Zero. FINE BY ME. We get one cuddle, but it’s tainted forever by Oliver’s stupid lying face. He doesn’t even deserve a kiss at this point. The worst part is that until Felicity knows the truth, every cute moment will be tainted now. Every kiss, every declaration will be undercut by his lies and that look on her face. I’m pretty sure we’re headed for a (temporary) breakup, I’m not gonna lie. The fact that we basically already watched the exact same breakup happen in this episode is just icing on a very crappy cake.

Best Moment: Was there one? Not really. Since it was such a suck-fest, I guess I’ll pick the moment where Oliver says “while the geek squad works…” and Felicity goes, “Heard that Honey!” At least the pet names are still on point? I’M GRASPING AT STRAWS HERE PEOPLE.

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cr: felicitys.tumblr.com

Steamy or Loving or RIDICULOUSLY AWFUL: Look, I’m not trying to be pessimistic here. I have (HAD?) a lot of faith in the Arrow writers to not completely muck this up. Oliver is a flawed character and he has been from the start. PTSD doesn’t vanish overnight and while he and Felicity have been doing a lot of good work to help save his soul, it’s not necessarily a perfectly linear process. People make mistakes and I can see him making the decision not to tell her out of fear. Barry didn’t specify why Oliver and Felicity broke up the first time—he only said they broke up when she found out about the kid. Maybe Oliver is worried he’ll lose her if she knows the truth. But if that’s the case, I would have liked to see those dots actually connected on the show. Right now it looks as though Oliver is simply hiding something from Felicity because a woman who lied to him for 10 years asked him to. And yes, he wants to see his son and he doesn’t want to mess it up. Maybe he even thinks it’s better to keep his kid far away from his life in Star City. Oliver has always been a character who compartmentalizes huge parts of his life. He’s been fighting that instinct all season, and maybe this is the moment he decided to fall back into those old habits.

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But this is exactly why he and Felicity were at odds all last season—because Oliver was lying, because he was making all the decisions about their relationship without trusting or consulting her. By not trusting her now, it feels like such a major step back in the narrative and in his character development. Frankly, it feels like lazy writing for the sake of drama and I had higher hopes for the Arrow writers than this. All I can say is the truth better come out FAST. As in, next episode fast, so we can deal with the fallout and move on. If Arrow has anything going for it, it’s the speedy way they zip through storylines. So let’s zip through this mess please, and come out the other side with the Olicity we know and love.

Although The CW hasn’t officially released it, here’s next week’s promo that aired in Canada for episode 4×09: “Dark Waters”:


Check in next Thursday for another edition of “Olicity” Watch! 

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