Bio-Touch Offers Relief from All of that Holiday Stress

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Debra Schildhouse

Does a warm hug from Santa or a friend make you feel better during the holiday hustle? There’s a growing body of evidence to support the power of human touch. Debra Schildhouse a certified practitioner of Bio-Touch, a body work therapy that helps alleviate stress and physical symptoms, knows how a simple touch can alleviate stress.

bio-touch-debra-schildhouse“In my practice I often see clients who are so stressed they are in actual pain. The gentle application of Bio-Touch helps them relieve that tension and immediately feel better,” says Schildhouse, who has been a practitioner of Bio-Touch for more than six years. She is the author of Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips and explains that it’s a mind-blowing practice anyone, even children, can master. Schildhouse says it “harnesses the body’s ability to heal itself with a simple touch.”

Schildhouse discovered Bio-Touch after her daughter contracted viral meningitis. Her feelings of helplessness as she watched her daughter suffer inspired her to find a way to help. “It means so much to me that I can now be a part of the healing process.”

Her work has made an appreciable difference for people who struggle with the symptoms of illness and injury. “Whenever I see people with diseases like leukemia or multiple sclerosis and I start the treatment, the recipients begin to breathe easier, their whole body relaxes. The pain of the illness seems to melt away.” Imagine what this could do for a host going on three hours of sleep, trying to wrap the presents and get Christmas dinner ready.

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