Last year we treated our readers (and let’s be honest, ourselves) to a little present—the killer abs of the 10 hottest men of 2014. We’ve been pretty guilty of turning up the temperature a bit lately with “Olicity” Watch, Battle ‘Ships (can we blame Rachel Carter for global warming?) and of course, Heat Index. So why stop there? To help keep the roads free of ice over the holidays, we present our second annual Abs as Flat as a Book: the hottest men of 2015. Consider it a present AND a public service. Happy Holidays – You’re welcome!

Adam Driver

Intergalactic bad boy Adam Driver wowed us in Star Wars VIII. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but we’re digging his luscious locks.

David Beckham

No list of hot guys in 2015 would be complete without People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Not only does he prove that 40 is just a number, his athletic grace makes us weak at the knees.

Michael B. Jordan

This has been a very good year for this talented hottie. He was by far the best thing in the disastrous Fantastic Four movie and he absolutely dazzled as the talented son of Rocky Balboa’s best friend in Creed.

Aydian Dowling

Dowling came to our attention for being a trailblazer—he’s the first trans man to win the Reader’s Choice poll for the Men’s Health ultimate fitness cover competition. In fact, this hunky Oregonian was the first trans man ever featured in the magazine.

Kit Harington

No discussion of Game of Thrones and Jon Snow would be complete without the sculptured presence of Kit Harington. Is it any reason the fandom rebelled when (Spoiler Alert?) his character was killed off?

Charlie Cox

It was Cox’s portrayal of blind attorney Matt Murdock aka Daredevil that set the tone for excellence in Netflix’s new venture with Marvel. He’s poetry in motion during the fight scenes (it can’t all be his stunt double, right?) but we’re just as happy to have him stop for a moment. We admit we’re a bit jealous of Rosario Dawson whose ER nurse Claire gets to patch him up.

Mehcad Brooks

While we’re cheering the heroism of Supergirl Melissa Benoit we can’t deny that some of our attention has been diverted by the newest National City resident—Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen. We’d happily fly to his rescue any time he used that emergency signal watch.

Paul Rudd

This is where we finally get to thank Rudd for giving up carbs for his role in Marvel’s Ant-Man. Who knew that under that super cute wisecracking exterior was a grade-A babe? Maybe Cher Horowitz wasn’t as clueless as we thought.

Daniel Wu

Into the Badlands was a break-out hit on AMC this year. Driving the drama was dynamic leading man Daniel Wu as Regent Sunny, a badass martial artist in a hellish dystopia. From this photo, mark Wu on the heavenly side.

Stephen Amell

Our readers know that we have a thing for the dashing Oliver Queen on Arrow. No list of hardbodied heartthrobs would be complete without the masculine half of “Olicity.”

Scott Eastwood

He may have tried to avoid being tapped as Hollywood royalty by initially forgoing his surname, but this not-so-dirty offspring of Papa Clint had us sighing over his turn in Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride. Looks like some things really do run in the family.

Tom Hardy

Hardy’s star was in ascension in 2015: there’s Oscar buzz for his dual role as crime syndicate Kray twins in Legend and for co-starring with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. There was even a strong fanbase hoping he’d be tapped as the next James Bond.

Robert Buckley

This tall drink of brains plays Major Lilywhite on iZombie and we wouldn’t say no to being the subject of his investigation.

Ricky Whittle

We’re HUGE fans of The CW’s The 100, so it may come as no surprise that we’re swooning over British hottie Ricky Whittle. He may be a Grounder on the show but we think he’s out of this world.

Chris Pratt

Last, but not least, we have to include Chris Pratt (of course!). He made our jaws drop last year in his transformation from cuddly Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation to mega-hottie Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in Guardians of the Galaxy. And he continued his streak in the titanosaurus-sized hit Jurassic World. He’s clearly keeping up the good work!