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Dear Reader,

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Swash_ornamentkisstheflameDear Reader,

Kiss The Flame is my favorite type of romance, a story in which the main character works against the odds to overcome her greatest fears so she can be with the one she loves. There’s also a dash of magic and a generous serving of New Orleans atmosphere. The Desire Exchange Series is a hybrid of paranormal and contemporary romance, where a special race of being called The Radiants, work guardian-angle style, to help everyday humans finds their happily ever after. I hope you enjoy this latest chapter.

Christopher RiceChristopher Rice

Swash_ornamentweatherthestormDear Reader,

My love affair with cowboys started a long time ago when a cowboy tipped his hat at me from across a parking lot.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  So when Dee and Julie approached me to write an episode of Rising Storm, I jumped on the opportunity!  It’s been so fun to be completely embroiled in this ongoing story, getting to know the people of Storm, Texas and then writing about them, too, in Weather the Storm!

Get ready for something exciting!  This is one storm you don’t want to miss!

LisaMondelloAll the best,

Lisa Mondello

Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies of the ebook.

Swash_ornamenteasymelodyDear Reader,

Declan and Callie grabbed onto me from the very beginning. I knew that their story would be an intense, sexy one, and boy did they ever deliver! I can’t wait for you to fall in love with them!

kristinprobyAre you ready to fall in love with Easy Melody? I’m so excited, I’m giving away 10 ebook copies!

Swash_ornamentWhen-Smiles-FadeDear Reader,

Young Emma Murphy kills people, but only if they deserve to die.

Forced to protect herself and her sister Gracie, Emma will stop at nothing, to be free from her sadistic parents. Emma’s story redefines terror, so brace yourself for an unimaginable outcome. This story will sear itself into your mind, and change your life, for the better.

Write me at [email protected] to win one of five autographed copies.


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